Jewel of India

Tick India off your bucket list with Elite Havens.

23 November 2023


Elite Havens, the epitome of opulence in Asia’s luxury villa rental landscape, proudly unveils its latest jewel in the crown – the sun-kissed haven of Goa, India.

This announcement marks a strategic collaboration with India’s foremost luxury vacation home rental connoisseur, Lohono Stays by Isprava, solidifying Elite Havens’ commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences to the discerning globetrotter.

Goa, with its sprawling coastline, verdant landscapes, vibrant cultural tapestry, and leisurely lifestyle, emerges as the ideal backdrop for those seeking extraordinary encounters. The synergy between Elite Havens and Lohono Stays introduces a tropical paradise where luxury knows no bounds.

This coastal haven beckons travelers with its accessibility and a unique ability to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, making it the go-to destination for those yearning for an enticing blend of gastronomic wonders, cultural immersion, and an ambiance promising a tapestry of diverse and enriching experiences.

Immersive escapades await, curated by a dedicated team committed to ensuring that every moment in Goa is etched in memory.


Wander through the hallowed halls of historic cathedrals, trace the steps of ancient forts, savour the rich flavours of local delicacies, and meander through fragrant spice plantations – each experience designed to encapsulate the true spirit of Goa.

For international travellers, Mumbai serves as the gateway to this coastal paradise, offering seamless accessibility to Elite Havens’ core guest markets, including the sophisticated tastes of the UK and the Middle East.

A brief domestic flight from Mumbai unfolds the vibrant shores of Goa, where the allure of Elite Havens’ curated luxury awaits.

In its enduring partnership with Lohono Stays, a collaboration that traces back three prosperous years, Elite Havens continues to champion the cause of offering discerning travelers access to Goa’s most exceptional holiday homes.

These residences, epitomizing luxury, privacy, and an authentic taste of Indian traditions, stand as testaments to the unwavering commitment of Elite Havens to redefine the boundaries of extravagance.

For a quarter of a century, Elite Havens has stood as a beacon of trust in the realm of luxury villa rentals and management.

With a portfolio boasting nearly 300 private luxury villas and chalets across Asia’s most awe-inspiring destinations, Elite Havens remains steadfast in its mission – transcending the commonplace, crafting extraordinary experiences, and ensuring that each stay is nothing short of exceptional.

Goa, with its newfound place in the Elite Havens repertoire, promises to be a chapter in luxury travel that unfolds like a dream – vibrant, immersive, and unforgettable.



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