Hit the slopes

Discover skiing in Spain, Europe's alternative winter wonderland.

23 November 2023


As winter whispers its approach across the northern hemisphere, the minds of avid skiers turn toward the classic alpine destinations of France and Switzerland. However, for those seeking an unexpected and thrilling alternative, the sun-drenched slopes of Spain emerge as Europe’s well-kept secret winter wonderland.

From the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees to the sun-kissed embrace of the Sierra Nevada, Spain – often lauded for its beaches and gastronomy – unveils a collection of ski resorts that redefine the winter experience. There are compelling reasons why savvy winter wanderers should consider Spain as their next skiing destination, bypassing the more traditional alpine choices …



Spain’s ski resorts offer a refreshing contrast in terms of value for money. From accommodation to lift passes and dining, the overall cost is often more pocket-friendly compared to their European counterparts, ensuring a fantastic ski holiday without a hefty price tag.


Fewer crowds

Escape the bustling slopes of France and Switzerland, as Spain promises a more serene and uncrowded skiing experience. Wide-open pistes and shorter lift queues create an atmosphere of tranquillity, allowing skiers to truly immerse themselves in the mountains.


Longer ski season

Thanks to its unique geography, certain Spanish ski resorts, such as Sierra Nevada, boast an extended ski season that can stretch from November to May. This elongated timeframe means skiers can revel in excellent snow conditions beyond the peak European winter months.


Diverse and Varied Terrain

Catering to all skill levels, Spain’s ski resorts provide an inclusive experience. Whether navigating gentle slopes or conquering challenging off-piste runs, each resort offers a diverse terrain suitable for families, beginners, and seasoned skiers alike.


More Authentic Cultural Experience

Unlike the more tourist-heavy European ski resorts, Spain’s offerings promise a genuine cultural immersion. Embrace warm hospitality, indulge in delectable tapas, and absorb the vibrant Spanish way of life against the backdrop of the snow-covered mountains.


Sunshine and Skiing

In Spain, skiers bask in endless bluebird days both on and off the slopes. While maintaining top-notch snow conditions, the country’s year-round glorious weather ensures beautiful sunny skies, creating a striking contrast with the powdery slopes below.


Where to ski and stay

Baqueira-Beret Ski Resort

Nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees, Baqueira-Beret Ski Resort offers over 160 kilometres of skiable terrain.


Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

Europe’s southernmost ski resort with excellent snow conditions and proximity to Granada for cultural exploration.


La Molina

Spain’s oldest ski resort boasts a family-friendly environment, snow guarantee, and accessibility.


Masella Ski Resort

Linked with La Molina, it forms part of the Alp 2500 ski domain, focusing on sustainability and offering night skiing.



A hidden gem near the French border, Candanchú is celebrated for its historic significance and scenic beauty and offers a joint ski pass with Astún ski resort.



Set in the picturesque La Rioja region, it provides a unique ski experience amidst vineyards, making it a charming choice for wine enthusiasts.


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