Innovation approved

Italian regulatory body RINA has confirmed that CRN’s new Sustainable Powered Yacht project meets the requirements for safe implementation.

20 October 2023


Italian shipyard CRN has been awarded special recognition for its SuP-Y: Sustainable Powered Yacht project. After 18 months of research and development together, RINA Services confirmed that the project is sized appropriately for proper functioning and easy management, and meets the regulatory requirements for safe implementation.

CRN, which is a Ferretti Group brand, specialises in the design, engineering and construction of superyachts up to 90 metres.

A coordinated effort by the Ferretti Group Super Yacht Division, Weichai Power Science & Technology Division and RINA Services Spa has made it possible to develop a sustainable architecture that entails the installation of modern fuel cells on board a CRN superyacht. RINA classification is considered one of the most recognised safety standards in the yachting world.

This new technology takes an important step towards the future of yachting, based on an easy-to-manage solution that meets all regulatory requirements to ensure safety on board.


The project seeks to determine a sustainable technical architecture with the most efficient implementation of fuel cell technology on board a Ferretti Group superyacht.

“Sustainable concepts” have been developed for two of CRN’s superyacht naval platforms:

  • Platform 11.50 with hybrid propulsion for yachts from 60 to 70-metres.
  • Platform 14.20 with a diesel-electric power plant for yachts from 75 to 90-metres.

Both architectures are equipped with PEM fuel cells as an alternative power source, fed by hydrogen reformed from green methanol and optimised to ensure predefined levels of performance and autonomy: several days in full hotel mode without diesel generators running and the capability to sail in zero-emission mode for several hours, depending on cruising speed.

CRN says this approach significantly reduces overall emissions and ensures compliance with the strictest environmental standards.

The collaboration with RINA Services Spa emphasises CRN’s commitment to incorporating sustainable power supplies into its vessels. The shipyard says its latest initiative shows it is “at the forefront” of adopting greener technologies within the yachting industry.



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