Industry compendium

The first textbook about the superyacht industry is now available.

17 December 2021


Those looking to enter the industry and those already engaged in the superyacht Industry will appreciate the wisdom, advice and depth of information contained in The Superyacht Industry.

The Superyacht Industry is the result of author, Marcela de Kern Royer’s collaboration with experts who design, build, buy, sell, equip, support, operate and manage the world’s largest yachts.

Marcela is the founder of YPY Monaco and Business Development Director for ICON Yachts, which equipped her with insight into all facets of the industry.

Marcela obtained an MBA from Hult Business School in Boston and a BSBA degree from the International University of Monaco, and speaks six languages fluently.

In collaboration with over 95 superyacht experts, this book offers the reader years of competitive advantage in understanding this unique industry.

The Superyacht industry is a contemporary reference for the yachting industry, which was released by Onboard Monaco in December 2020.


“This book is a celebration of knowledge offered by some of the most influential people in yachting,” said Jonathan Beckett, CEO, Burgess.

Within its pages, experts share their experience and true gold nuggets of information that will give you years of competitive advantage to understanding the superyacht industry.

The book focuses mainly on motor yachts over 50 metres and describes in easy terms how the entire industry works and the process from yacht design to yacht building, to yacht sales and operations.

Detailed descriptions of the various subjects, written in digestible language, as well as the use of many drawings and pictures, make this book perfectly readable for everybody interested in the yachting industry.

The Superyacht Industry will certainly prove to be an asset and a reference for yacht owners and everyone employed in the yachting industry.



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