Green go-kart

The electric-powered JETPAD go-kart is a fast and environmentally-friendly water toy that will rev up the family fun.

Photography by JETPAD

11 April 2017


The electric powered JETPAD water go-kart is for perfect for all ages. With an anti-collision system, GPS geofencing to set up alerts when kids get too far, and the ability to limit the maximum speed.

Kids as young as 12 years old (140cm) can ride it – and yet still packs a punch for adults.

The JETPAD designers built ion the latest technology like an anti-collision system, GPS geofencing and the ability to limit the JETPADs maximum speed, to ensure that riders are kept safe at all times.


This luxury go-kart for the sea has a top speed of 37kph (20knots) making it fast and fun for any level of rider, while its ability to perform sharp turns, twists and even small wave jumps will have guests queuing up for more.

JETPAD uses radio-frequency identification (RFID), via a keypad, for each rider, similar to a PIN. Once the ID is entered, the settings associated with that person’s abilities are activated.

The biggest attraction is that the JETPAD is 100 percent emission-free and has a fast charge time of 60 minutes. Available for around US$15,400.



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