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Lift Foils is one of the hottest toys in the marine space and the world’s smallest personal watercraft to make a splash this season.

17 August 2022


For those chasing their next adrenaline rush, the Lift Foils board promises loads of on-water fun and adventure.

This nifty personal watercraft strikes a balance between stability and manoeuvrability, offering riders a state-of-the-art experience combining the best of surfing, hydro-foiling, cutting-edge technology and electric propulsion into an easy, smooth ride.

Created by Nick Leason and a team of designers, Lift Foils is the original innovator of the eFoil and a pioneer in the industry due to its superior technology and high-performance motor.

With Lift Foils, there’s no waiting around for a windy day to catch a wave. It allows riders to glide above any body of water at up to 56 km/h, making it one of the most accessible watersports to enjoy at any lakefront or beach.


Lift Foils boards are not one-dimensional and there are a whole range of models and designs available that will please all thrill-seekers, risk-takers and watersports enthusiasts of various levels.

The LIFT3 F is the brand’s newest, most user-friendly and price-accessible board to date. While traditionally Lift Foils’ boards have been made of carbon fibre, the LIFT3 F features a proprietary fibreglass blend crafted in-house by Lift’s engineers.

Produced in two versatile sizes, the board offers a great mix of performance, perfect for beginners. Prices start at US$9,995 (light battery) or US$10,995 (full range battery).

LIFT 3 boards feature an updated shape for increased aerodynamics and manoeuvrability, upgraded extra-durable construction, extended ride time and the highest speed on the market, gliding through any body of water at up to 57 kilometres per hour.

The LIFT 3 is produced in four sizes: 5’9 Explorer, 5’4 Cruiser, 4’9 Sport and 4’2 Pro. While the smaller size boards cater to more seasoned riders, they can still be picked up by beginners to share with friends and family. Prices start at US$12,500.

Local dealers can be found online.



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