Flying start

To bring in the new year, Edorado Marine have released their latest concept. The Edorado 8S has fast electric drive train with fully retractable hydrofoils designed to reduce damage to the environment.

25 January 2018


Edorado Marine is a zero emission powerboat company from The Netherlands. Two seasoned entrepreneurs, Giel Groothuis and Godert van Hardenbroek, who share a strong vision on sustainable performance and eco luxury, founded the company in 2014.

Edorado is in the midst of finalizing the product development of it’s first flagship, the Edorado 8S. This development takes place by constructing several prototypes and putting them through rugged sea trials before series production will kick-off.

The Edorado 8S combines state of the art technology with design, style and exhilarating performance. Super silent and smooth ride above the water, with unique safety features & zero maintenance.

Hydrofoils dramatically reduce the energy consumption compared to a planing hull. That’s why the marriage between foils and batteries is so successful. The Edorado 8S easily offers the range for your most amazing boat trips. The boat is suitable for lakes, rivers and coastal waters according to CE-C certification.

The Edorado 8S has the ability to fully retract her foil system into the hull. When leaving a dock at low speed or in shallow water the boat operates as a normal boat. Once flight mode is engaged she will take-off very much like an airplane. You will be flying comfortably above the waves.



The 8S features fully submerged hydrofoils in the optimal configuration for high speed, achieving almost 40 knots.

The robust vertical struts can withstand large impacts with floating debris and the fully digital Automatic Control System ensures a comfortable and exhilarating ride.

The twin drive gives precision control for docking while at the same time offering dual redundancy for safety.

The philosophy behind the interior design is that it provides a comfortable and safe place to be. The layout is focused on providing the best views for the pilot as well as the passengers. The result is a compact cockpit with central steering and navigation console. Spacious layout with integrated mood lighting, premium 8 speaker sound system, built-in picnic set with wine cooler and integrated bimini are just some of the premium features onboard.

At the rear of the boat the cockpit extends out into a leisure pad, the ultimate place for lounging and sunbathing. Plenty of storage for water toys and other fun essentials for a great day on the water. The transom folds down to form a swim platform with a built-in ladder. The interior contains a range of smart features, such as lots of hidden storage space, as well as a lighting and audio system.

Most of the product development takes place in the Edorado Lab in The Netherlands. The setup for a solid test platform in the water works as envisioned. One of the best features is that it’s a completely digital and connected boat. Every detail can be operated and monitored from ashore. This enables fast learning and getting feedback on the performance before building the final boat that will go into series-production.

Last October stable flight was achieved with the second prototype. The test platform allows for very quick iterations to the ACS (Automatic Control System), electric powertrain and hydrofoil configuration. Edorado  has access to a great testing location with logistic support from a local partner. This has allowed Edorado to reach the target of stable flight within a few months and provides the basis for rapid further development and fine-tuning of the design.


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