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The new Dickey Semifly 36, with all its refinements, demonstrates a desire push the envelope of design.

12 December 2017


It is said every boat is a compromise. In any given class the space to work with is finite. Alterations to a specific area usually drive consequences in another.

With the launch of the renowned boat builder’s second Semifly 36, the Dickey team believe they may have conjured magic with substantive improvements in many areas, and few if any, observed drawbacks.

Drawing on the hugely successful Semifly 32, a model loved by Kiwi families and fishermen alike, the Dickey SF 36 rounds out the Semifly range, including SF28, the popular SF32, the SF40 and flagship SF45, as a mid-sized all-rounder.

Large enough to facilitate groups of five or six on extended live aboard adventures, the Semifly 36 maintains the ease of use essential to the typically independent Down Under boater.

Fans of the Dickey Semifly 32 will be delighted to see many celebrated features pulled through, refined and in some cases extended in the larger Semifly 36.


The most obvious alteration is the additional real-estate in the cockpit. With an extended saloon overhang to more completely shelter the rear lounger, the Semifly 36’s versatility is significantly enhanced. Fans of Dickey Boats will find an outdoor space providing generous respite from the sun, and lifestyle options more akin to a vessel in the 40-foot class range without compromising the offshore fishing functionality required in a competitive sportfisher.

The new Semifly 36 offers the option of a significantly extended range with a fuel capacity, jumping from 750 litres as a standard vessel to 1000 litres at the request of a potential owner.

At that end of the spectrum, a five-day fishing expedition for up to six guests becomes a reality for the medium-class sportfisher, which typically uses under 200 litres per day dependent on the balance of running and trolling time.

Both the galley and wheelhouse benefit from incremental size improvements including a slightly raised ceiling contributing to the tangible feeling of space.

Gear-centric fishermen will enjoy the dedicated enclosed rod storage added to the lower decks, protecting expensive gear from damage and excessive exposure to the elements.

With all the highlighted improvements, on Dickey Semifly 36, hull two, it is the finishing and upholstery that viewers turn to first. Arguably the most striking detail is the first-class genuine leather upholstery. While its installation provided challenges for the fit-out team,  the care and attention required is a step above that of more familiar marine products. The result adds wow factor to a vessel already hailed as a standout amongst its peers.

As this new Semifly 36 gets ready to sail for its new home, the Dickey Boats assessment of the project is one buoyed by its overall aesthetic and all-round completeness. Jason Dickey is confident possible owners will realise its potential to deliver a versatile and highly satisfying boating experience, even when compared to vessels of a larger class.

As with all Dickey vessels, the Semifly 36 is highly customisable to suit any owner’s requirements, while delivering the brand’s well recognised class, fuel efficiency and superior sea-keeping characteristics.

2017 has been a busy year for the team, with multiple new owners joining the family and the official launch of the brand in Australia at the Sydney International Boat Show.

2018 looks even more impressive. The Semifly 32 looks to extend its remarkable following with several new projects on the books. The crowd-pleasing Semifly 45 has a busy build schedule and hulls three and four of the Semifly 36 are in various stages of progress.


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