First in line

McConaghy Boats has confirmed construction on the first MC75 is now under way.

24 June 2021


Australian brand McConaghy Boats has revealed that construction for the first hull for the lightweight, eco-friendly multihull, the MC75, has begun.

Designed to offer a contemporary on-water living experience, the fully customisable MC75 embraces the heritage of a McConaghy multihull, evident in the progressive exterior lines seen throughout the model.

Building from this framework, the MC75 also offers the choice of a flybridge that can be ranged forward for more aggressive styling, or an extended aft for a sweeping, sleeker look.

On water, the MC75 embodies grace, even in light airs, with its smooth sailing prowess accentuated by stability and speed. McConaghy Boats has predicted that at 20 knots of wind with a 100 true wind angle, the MC75 can reach 21 knots with a code zero sail.

Aesthetic wise, however, the interiors, accomplished by Italian design studio m2atleier, feature a more architectural approach, almost reminiscent of a luxury apartment in both form and style.


“We are honoured to have been involved in the interior design for the MC75 and to be working with such a revolutionary company – one that has made research its foundation,” said m2atelier founders Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic.

“It’s fascinating to deal with a team of leading specialists in multihull design, and McConaghy stands out for their advanced technology, construction techniques and excellent design style.”

“We believe that innovation is always the result of much serious work, being bold, and experimenting with curiosity.”

Fully retractable windows and floor-to-ceiling glass affords the perception of freedom while the internal volume, maximised to its full potential, ensures a comfortable, hassle-free onboard experience.

This open-plan interior can be tailor-made with bespoke pieces that meet the client’s request for convenience, versatility and designer aesthetics.

This first MC75 is set to feature a vast saloon lounge with a dining area and walkaround bar, a spacious aft deck, alfresco dining space and cushioned sun pads.

Also included are five seaward-facing berths, each with an ensuite, alongside a galley-adjacent crew cabin.

The first hull is expected to be delivered by autumn 2022.



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