Fast track

Ferrari unleash the new 488 Pista at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

07 March 2018


The Ferrari 488 Pista is reportedly powered by the most powerful V8 In The Maranello marques history. Its the company’s special series sports car with the highest level yet of technological transfer from the track. The name literally means ‘track in Italian. Ferrari says the name refers to Ferrari’s unparalleled heritage in motor sports.

The Ferrari 488 Pista encompasses all of the experience built up on the world’s circuits by the 488 Challenge and the 488 GTE.

The designers have used the aerodynamic S-Duct at the front creating an original floating wing effect.

The interior has a distinctive racing feel with carbon fibre and Alcantara used in the cockpit.

The Ferrari 488 Pista can punch out 720 cv at 800 rpm, giving it the best specific power output in its class at 185 cv/l, while torque is higher at all engine speeds, peaking at 770 Nm. That’s 10 Nm more than the 488 GTB.


The 50 cv power increase over the 488 GTB’s engine is also the largest leap in engine power for a Ferrari special series car and 115 cv more than the previous model, the 458 Speciale. Ferrari have made significant improvements to the engine, by testing out leading-edge solutions. The result is that the Ferrari 488 Pista’s engine has over 50% of new components compared to that of the 488 GTB.

Specific valves and springs combined with a new cam profile gives the engine more aggressive racing character. The new engine is also more lightweight, resulting in a weight reduction of 18kg compared to the 488 GTB.


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