Evolutionary update

Amphibious boat manufacturer, Iguana Yachts have announced their latest model, the X Fisher.

11 February 2021


Revealed to the public late last month, this 30-foot vessel was specifically designed with anglers in mind.

Its innovative technology and all-terrain capabilities alleviate any issue a fisherperson might face, while also inviting new opportunities.

The French brand which has developed a global following for its amphibious craft since launching in 2008, approached the X Fisher as they have with all of their vessels: anticipating, and adapting to any customisation their customer base could request.

As a result, the X Fisher hosts a range of features to ultimately improve the fishing experience, including a spacious and specifically designed fishing platform, livewell, insulated fishing box with macerator, integrated rod holders and lateral rod storage.

The X Fisher can fit up to 12 people, hosting two helm and crew seats, with dual seating in the front and a foldable backseat with raised corner platform to increase both safety and vision when fishing.


On water, the X Fisher can reach a speed of ​​48 knots, made possible by a twin-outboard-engine setup, while its powertrain, specifically developed by Iguana Yachts, can reach 4.4 mph on land.

“We want to offer more possibilities to amphibious enthusiasts around the world,” said Iguana Yachts CEO, Antoine Brugidou.

Founded in 2008 in Normandy, France by Antoine Brugidou, Iguana Yachts are one of the leading manufacturers of amphibious vessels in the world.


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