Dining on the rocks

Where culinary art meets spectacular scenery.

25 August 2023


Suspended on a rugged cliff edge overlooking the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand, the multi-awarded Dining on the Rocks at the Six Senses Samui offers more than just a meal. The 10 terraced decks of weathered teak and bamboo provide the perfect stage for an unforgettable experience where world-class gastronomy intertwines with curated wines, exceptional service and breathtaking vistas.

At the helm is the charismatic Executive Chef Kien Wagner, an alchemist in the art of flavours. With an impressive culinary career spanning 18 years across multiple continents, Chef Kien has cultivated a keen eye for the extraordinary.

Melding the mastery of his classical French training with a love for Asian cuisine, his approach to cooking is that of an artist, where food is the canvas and the ingredients are the colours. Every dish is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, techniques, and creativity that tells a story of Chef Kien’s gastronomic travels and his endless quest for exceptional ingredients.


And what better ingredients than those provided by the bountiful local landscape itself? The tasting menus at Dining on the Rocks are a tribute to Thailand’s diverse and rich culinary heritage. The freshest produce, sourced from local farmers and suppliers, forms the backbone of a menu that dances between the seasons, as each dish showcases the very best that nature has to offer.

The restaurant’s signature offering, The Taste of Rock, is a six-course tour de force. From the tart punch of a Beef Tartare with tiger prawn, Dijon mustard, parsley, caper berry and cured egg yolk to the decadence of the Chumphon 72 percent Thai dark chocolate Grand Cru lava pudding, every bite is a thrilling symphony for the senses.

The Sea Tasting is a siren call for seafood lovers. Featuring exotic dishes like the Thai Bouillabaisse with scallop, calamari, salmon roe and plankton oil to the Andaman White Snapper flavoured with kaffir lime and Hua Hin caviar, it’s a culinary journey that rides the waves of Thailand’s bountiful seas.

For the plant-based epicurean, The Plant Tasting weaves a flavourful tale of the earth’s offerings. With dishes that champion veggies like zucchini in a zesty tomato spice sauce, beetroot with a tangy goji berry sauce, and the inventive Plant Chocolate with orange and a coconut ice ball, this menu brings a playful spin to vegetarian dining.

There are also shorter four-course introductory tasting menus as well as a small a la carte menu. Amid the tantalising courses, don’t forget to indulge in the palate-cleansing homemade sorbets and artisanal cheeses, a handpicked selection from local and international producers that adds another layer to this gourmet adventure.

Dining on the Rocks offers more than just a culinary feast; it’s a celebration of the senses. An evening here explores vibrant flavours, local ingredients, and innovative techniques, all coming together with Chef Kien’s culinary wizardry and the spectacular ambience of Six Senses Samui. So buckle up, culinary explorers, a taste-bud-tingling journey awaits.



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