Digital introduction

At an online press presentation, Azimut Yachts unveiled its new Azimut Grande Trideck flagship, the brand’s first yacht with three decks.

28 May 2021


Azimut Grande Trideck has three decks “plus one”. “Plus one” because Trideck has an extra deck in the stern in addition to the traditional three. The result is a cascade of four staggered terraces descending from the Sun Deck to the water’s surface.

The launch of the new flagship also gave Azimut Yachts the chance to bring forward the introduction of A-LIVE, a cutting-edge multi-sensory immersive digital experience that makes use of 360-degree vision to allow online users to move around the yacht and, above all, to convey the sense of openness and contact with the water.

Azimut Yachts again makes use of new digital tools and the presentation offered an opportunity to introduce A-LIVE, the immersive digital experience available on the brand’s website from May 29.

This state-of-the-art multi-sensory system makes use of 360-degree vision, complete with sound design and unexpected plays of light and reflection that reproduce the images and sounds of the waves, the wake and the wind.


This not only allows online users to move freely around the yacht and find out about the distinctive features of its design and styling, but also to convey the sense of openness and contact with the water that in the past could only be experienced on board.

This immersive, dynamic tour of the yacht is also enhanced by a series of In-Depth Hotspots, which when clicked on play videos containing details about all the advanced technology on board.

A-LIVE therefore represents an evolution of the A-ROOM, the digital space introduced by Azimut Yachts in January for everyone interested in finding out about new products in detail.



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