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Cutting tech

Riviera will adopt new cutting and varnishing technology to improve the manufacturing process at its Gold Coast facility.

11 February 2021


Riviera has begun plans to expand the manufacturing capabilities at its Gold Coast facility with the introduction of new cutting and varnishing technology.

Digital cutting and kitting are an important element for the Australian brand’s method of production. The process requires a specialist team to precision-cut, number and package the materials for every structure composite.

To help improve this process, Riviera has adopted the latest in-house computer-aided design (CAD) technology. The benefit of CAD technology is largely in its use of digital templates, enabling the precision cutting of high-grade materials.

What this means is that every single piece is a consistently perfect replication of its digital, regardless of what material may be used.

This in turn maximises efficiency and lowers cost for the Australian brand, but also allows for a more sustainable process with technology, such as reducing material wastage.


Currently, Riviera’s marine engineers have developed over 8,000 digital templates for 22 current-range models.

Digital Kitting Manager Darren Cadman said: “The expansion of our digital kitting and cutting capabilities elevates our efficiency in this area.”

“It also enhances sustainability as digital cutting allows us to maximise the resources we already use and minimise any waste.”

Adjacent to the cutting technology will be the introduction of a robot varnisher to help assist and complement all cabinetry and woodwork installations. The technological addition is capable of applying up to eight coats of varnish and hand-sanding between coats.

“Our investment in new technology, skills training and advanced procedures over many years means the Riviera yachts of today are the best ever created,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.

“We’re immensely proud of the superb motor yachts we are creating today.”



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