Custom commuter

OCEA’s new custom-designed motor yacht is entering its final stages of completion in Les Sables-d’Olonne.

20 July 2023


OCEA’S 32.7-metre Commuter 108 New is inching closer to completion. The hull built in OCEA’s aluminium workshop in Fontenay-leComte was transferred to the built yard in May 2022. The superstructure, which was built simultaneously, was installed in September, thus defining the yacht’s finale silhouette.

In November 2022, the “aluminium metalwork” phase was completed. Since then, several other steps have taken place. The two engines along with their propulsion lines have been loaded, and the generators have been installed. Simultaneously, numerous other operations have been carried out, including those relating to the boat’s pipework and electrical systems. All the main equipment has been installed and connected.

It is quite literally a yacht emerging from its cocoon. The scaffolding set up around the hull has in fact been lined with a cocoon-like plastic film in preparation for the coating phase.


The hull is coated with several layers of resin to smooth out any rough patches. Using large rulers, the layers are smoothed out in increasingly thin layers and then sanded down to obtain a perfectly flat surface.

For the resin to catalyse, it needs a rigorously controlled temperature and hygrometry. Hence the use of this “cocoon” with heated air inside.

After this coating phase, the hull is sprayed with a final coat of lacquer in the colour chosen by the shipowner, thus ensuring an impeccable final result.

A full custom boat

The 32.7-metre Commuter 108 New is a very seaworthy transoceanic boat.

It is capable of cruising the world’s seven seas under all weather conditions, while ensuring optimum safety for the eight guests and four crew members on board. Although designed along the same lines as OCEA’s other Commuters, this yacht has been entirely custom-built to meet the needs and expectations of the shipowners.

The latter were delighted to be involved in the interior design created by naval architect Pierre Frutschi. Respecting the environment In order to reduce the carbon footprint, the engines meet the latest ISO Tier III standards for reducing pollutant emissions.

The yacht is also fitted with the latest generation of batteries and solar panels with optimised onboard energy management. The yacht is due to be launched in the next few weeks and will then undergo harbour and sea trials. This will free up space in the OCEA shipyard for the construction of a new boat of similar size to be delivered in 2025.

A pioneer in aluminium shipbuilding and industrial construction, the OCEA yard was established in 1987. With 4 production sites located along the French Atlantic coast, OCEA delivers annually 15 to 20 vessels, up to 90m long, including fast patrol boats, passenger vessels, environmental vessels and yachts,



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