Crystal Caviar company has finished a crystal sculpture with Igor Lobanov.

08 October 2017


Crystal Caviar has collaborated with Igor Lobanov, the Oceanco Jubilee designer.

He has designed a new concept, the futuristic Ship Star. Ship Star is a truly innovative design. It aims to replicate half a star floating on the sea level.

The radical new Star yacht concept from the Italian firm Lobanov Design, conceived in collaboration with the British naval architecture firm BMT Nigel Gee, pushes the boundary of contemporary yacht design.

The superyacht features a minimalist, symmetrical design,The forward and aft sections slope gently and then steeply up toward the exhaust stack amidships. The ship has eight generators powering two hybrid azimuth thrusters, which allow horizontal propulsion in any direction.

More than 130m long, the superyacht has an absolutely unique design.

Crystal Caviar has finished a brand new crystal sculpture for him, which has been created to celebrate the remarkable project of Ship Star.


The main goal during the creation of the sculpture was to replicate the uniqueness of the yacht design and transfer it into the crystal sculpture.

“Mr. Igor Lobanov likes to do things which no one has ever done before him. And this fact we have in common. That is why I addressed a proposal to Mr. Lobanov of making a crystal sculpture according to his remarkable project of Ship Star.

I think that the sculpture is as beautiful as the yacht will be” says Marek Landa, owner of the Crystal Caviar company.

The sculpture is made from pure Bohemian crystal, melted in a mould, and ground and polished to the final look.

Thanks to the material it is possible to see a magical game of light and many light reflections inside of the sculpture.

It was made in cooperation with young Czech glass artist Jaroslav Prošek, who helped with the technique of glass processing.

Mr. Igor Lobanov is not the first yacht designer with whom Crystal Caviar company has collaborated. The company also created a unique series of crystal sculptures with award- winning yacht designer Tim Heywood and luxury yacht designer Jacques Pierrejean.

Tim Heywood’s sculpture called simply “Titan Yacht” was in 2013, and the first ever crystal sculpture in the world inspired by a superyacht. The sculpture was made from pure Bohemian crystal and coated with titanium. It was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2013 and was sold only couple of days after its display.

Jacques Pierrejean with Crystal Caviar created a pair of stunning crystal sculptures called Yas Yacht which were inspired by 140m MY Yas. Both sculptures are made from pure Bohemian crystal and are placed on stainless steel pedestals. One of them in matt version, the second is in crystal clear version.


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