Concepts unveiled

British builder Sunseeker revealed two new concepts and a strong forward order book in Cannes.

14 September 2023


Sunseeker International, a global leader in luxury motor yacht manufacturing, revealed its exciting new product development plan and the significant shipyard development strategy set to maintain Sunseeker’s pace of new product launches coming to market.

Sunseeker’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Frabetti, revealed the company’s strong sales position with a retail forward order value of £625 million (€730 million) and a £40-million investment committed to new product development, employee training and production advancements until 2026.

During the press reception, Sunseeker provided an exclusive update on new products in the Ocean range. The Ocean 182, named after its gross tonnage, has already arrived in the United States, where it will debut at Newport Boat Show in Rhode Island on Thursday 14 September 2023.

The 7.16-metre-wide yacht possesses an impressive 2,060 square feet of interior space with four new layout options, spanning three decks. The internal footprint is comparable to a much larger yacht, contributing to an overall feeling of spaciousness on board.


Sunseeker revealed new CGI imagery of the all-new Ocean 156. This 80-foot Sunseeker is a beautiful new model with voluminous interior decks and a unique use of the exterior space.

The Ocean 156 will feature a new selection of interior finishes and adopts an open penthouse style with expansive glazing and freestanding furniture on the main and upper decks.

Sunseeker unveiled the concept details of two new performance-led models, the Predator 55 and the 55 Sport Yacht. As part of the four-model 55-foot range, starting with the Superhawk 55 launched earlier this year, the two new athletic models each encompass a different style of boating.

The 55 Sport Yacht continues a legacy of Sports Bridge models with its unique driving position on the upper deck. While the Predator 55 is characterised by its retractable glass and carbon fibre sunroof integrated into the hardtop.

Sunseeker offers its support to the Homewards program through its new Skills Academy. Founded by the Royal Foundation, the program pledges to end homelessness. During a round table meeting with local business leaders, including Sian Dodds, Sunseeker International’s Executive Director for HR, His Royal Highness Prince William highlighted the vital role the business sector can play in preventing and tackling homelessness.

By providing support, training and employment opportunities, Sunseeker is able to establish training pathways that are tailored to teach the skills needed to start a career in boatbuilding.

Working with the Homewards program partners and a further education college ensures these pathways are accessible to those who are ready to pursue them.

The Sunseeker Skills Academy, launched in partnership with Bournemouth and Poole College, offers individuals the opportunity to learn a new skill in boatbuilding while being fully paid.

So far this year, 90 people have been enrolled in the boat uilding course, where individuals learn trade skills across five boatbuilding specialisms, comprising Carpentry, Plumbing, Composite bonding, Engineering and Electrical installations.

Following this intensive training program, candidates will join colleagues at the Sunseeker Shipyards in Poole to further develop competencies and achieve a nationally recognised qualification over 12 months.

Sunseeker also revealed it has been making continuous improvements to its shipyards. The expansion of its main shipyard facility in the Port of Poole has reached completion. Shed Y offers an additional production footprint and is the dedicated production facility for the all-new Ocean 156. The first stage of production is now underway.

The Technology Centre has undergone a significant refurbishment with an investment made into new machinery to support Sunseeker’s growth in the product range. The Technology Centre is a Centre of Excellence with a focus on the manufacture of interiors, upholstery, joinery, complex electrical systems and console assembly.

Andrea Frabetti, Chief Executive Officer at Sunseeker International, commented: “We enter the 2023/24 boat show season in a strong position.

“We’ve made significant investment in our facilities and technologies, training programs and new product development, all of which have contributed to our very strong forward order retail value of £625 million.

“We look forward to displaying our exceptional fleet of yachts at several upcoming boat shows in Europe and the United States over coming weeks.”



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