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Asia Pacific Superyachts are ready to support yacht charter ventures and cultural experiences in New Zealand.

04 April 2019


New Zealand offers unforgettable yacht charter experience. There is a vast amount to see and do in Aotearoa, and the country offers a thousand treasures for all yacht charter lovers.

Based in Auckland, the main superyacht hub, Asia Pacific Superyacht (APS) New Zealand charter services cover all aspects of large yacht shore support; such as obtaining a charter licence, guiding through the local tax policies and up to date legal advice for captains and management companies for their vessels while in New Zealand waters.

“Our services provide shore assistance throughout the process of logistics and planning of your cruise whether you are chartering or sailing privately. This includes immigration and customs formalities, provisioning, bunkering, uniform supply, crew placement and project management for refits and new builds.

New Zealand is now clearly extending a warm welcome to superyacht owners by developing its infrastructure and its marinas capacity to make it a more attractive destination for charters”, states Duthie Lidgard, heading up APS NZ.



With expert knowledge and key first-hand experience of the local market, the APS team is ready to advise on yachting ventures in New Zealand. “We are proud of our rich Maori heritage and, as members of the Maori Tourism Council, we guarantee to ensure any cruise to the country will truly showcase this to all our clients”, enthuses Duthie.

“Cultural experiences arranged by APS have been a great success with superyacht crew and guests.

A powerful way to start the cruise and open the door to understanding the cultural story of New Zealand is the Powhiri on board, traditional welcome, and the blessing with presenting of the Mauri stone to the owner for safe-keeping and the wellbeing of the yacht and all who sail in her”, Lidgard comments.

“This ancient Polynesian tradition of blessing and placing a Mauri stone on a vessel is still practised today all across the Pacific.  An ancient metamorphic sandstone is gathered from the Waitakere stream, which flows from the remnants of the Waitakere volcano, and carved by renowned stone sculptor with meaningful patterns which are then explained to the guests. In a traditional ceremony called Tohi Whakawaatea the stone will be dedicated by an elder and installed on vessel in a prominent position where those on board can have access to it.”


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