Bring the best on board

KVH introduce the new TRACVISION TV10 Satellite antenna and super-fast TRACPHONE V7HTS.

12 November 2020


Connectivity to news and entertainment matters and is expected whether you’re relaxing at anchor or cruising remote locations along Australia’s vast coastline or throughout the Pacific.

To stay connected and entertained so you can enjoy the same home comforts and never miss a meeting is possible when you bring the best on board.

Designed for today’s powerful yachts and advanced satellite technology the TracVision® TV10 is the world’s lightest 1-metre Ku-band marine satellite TV antenna with the biggest coverage footprint. You immediately have access to live worldwide news, local TV channels and movie programming and the TracVision TV-Hub allows you to control your satellite TV system with an intuitive web interface designed for optimal viewing on your WiFi-enables smart TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.

A recognised leader in marine satellite antenna technology, KVH’s TracVision line of products has won Product of Excellence awards from the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) for 22 consecutive years.


Designed for today’s powerful yachts and advanced satellite technology

The new TracVision® TV10 is the world’s lightest 1-metre Ku-band marine satellite TV antenna with fast satellite acquisition achieved through KVH’s advanced inertial-based stabilised search functionality and proprietary RingFire™ technology for strong signals, wide geographic coverage, and clear reception.


Streaming favourite shows

Streaming media content is particularly bandwidth hungry with a typical HD(1080P) movie streamed to a Smart TV, handheld device like an iPad or Smartphone consuming in excess of 1GB of data.

Solve communications connectivity with peace of mind and transparent data usage with control functions at your fingertips by combining the TracVision TV10 with a TracPhone mini-VSAT Broadband system.

KVH’s award-winning TracPhone VSAT systems enable you to enjoy the fastest, most reliable connectivity at sea with the flexibility offered by affordable month-to-month airtime subscriptions and a premium end-to-end connectivity solution for you and your guests.


The perfect match

When you cruise through different regions around the world, you continue to have seamless connectivity without the requirement of a service technician or engineer on board to modify configurations or needing hardware to switch satellites. Software updates, network changes and capacity changes are automatically delivered to the vessel, so the system is always up to date.

The TracPhone® V7-HTS satellite antenna achieves data download speeds of up to 10 Mbps for streaming HD-quality content at sea. This is accomplished by a combination of KVH’s proprietary antenna system design and KVH’s High Throughput Satellite (HTS) network with its advanced coding and modulation techniques. Selecting an appropriate data usage plan offers control and accountability.


Managing data when cruising in remote locations

KVH offer a secure suite of tools that give vessel owners greater transparency and control over data usage, including crew and user data allocation. There’s real-time vessel tracking, customised text and email alerts, and management of the dual high-speed and unlimited use data channels. For that additional peace of mind when cruising internationally, KVH OneCare™ offers a global team of experts to protect your VSAT investment, maximise service and minimise costs.


Data usage is a determining factor

You may think that the size of your boat determines the size of the satellite antenna system you may require, but it is the amount of data that is expected to be used that is the biggest factor to consider when choosing a system.

It’s always a good idea to look a little into the future than to simply plan for your current usage. As the world becomes more “connected” we are becoming more dependent on staying online.

KVH’s unique dual-channel configuration gives you the fastest speeds in the industry and data plans to suit your requirements including a predictable fixed price with unlimited use and no overages. The secure myKVH™ portal provides you with easy access to a wide range of account details, reports, and the mini-VSAT Manager™ suite tools. Customise your data use with exclusive category controls and allocate data usage to crew and users onboard.


Seamless worldwide connectivity

The KVH HTS network is configured using thousands of spot beams across multiple satellites. These spot beams each cover just a few hundred kilometres and the advanced technology dynamically optimises modulation and coding for each individual vessel’s connection, ensuring your boat receives the fastest possible speed and link reliability wherever you may be located and most importantly in variable weather conditions.

Upgrade now to KVH TracVision and TracPhone

Whether you’re an existing customer who wants to upgrade or you’ve been using a competing product and want to make the move to the No. 1 VSAT and satellite TV solution, it’s never been easier or more affordable to bring the best onboard with KVH’s award-winning TracPhone® and TracVision® systems

The TracVision TV10 features an antenna mounting pattern that matches competing 1-metre systems and the system configurations support multiple receivers with simple onboard integration. The innovative belowdecks TV-Hub and TracVision app are designed to enable straightforward setup and operation.


In Australia and the Pacific coast

Whether you are planning a local cruise along any portion of Australia’s magnificent coastline, or perhaps a more adventurous ocean crossing, you can have your technical questions answered locally by KVH’s Australian distributor, Coursemaster, located in Sydney, and offering technical expertise around Australia through their dealer network.


The team at Coursemaster offers a 45-year specialisation in marine electronics and over 25 years of satellite technical sales and certified service. A KVH Master Technician Tier 3 is only a phone call away and your local satellite TV channel connectivity is managed and coordinated locally.

An email to sales@coursemaster.com will immediately connect you with answers to your general enquiry or get straight into the details for more technical questions.

Coursemaster can be contacted by phone on +61 2 9417 7097 or individual product information is on the web at Coursemaster.com



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