Bertram debuts in Europe

American brand Bertram, part of the Baglietto Group since 2015, has landed in Europe.

27 April 2022


Specialising in the construction of sport fisherman yachts and owned by the Gavio family, Bertram will now be working out of Europe.

“The tradition of Bertram products, their history and their heritage, perfectly harmonise with Baglietto’s own history,” says Diego Michele Deprati.

“Both are iconic brands, which have built their world-class quality and success on seafaring traditions.”

A new Bertram division will soon be in operation at the Baglietto’s site in Marina di Carrara for the construction and sale of Bertram yachts in Italy and across Europe.

The decision to start producing in Italy was based on the huge demand for Bertram yachts among enthusiasts in Europe. However, the DNA of the brand is promised to remain entirely Made in USA.

“Bertram remains an 100-percent American Product,” says Beniamino Gavio, Chairman of Bertram.


“Some components will indeed be imported directly from the US, but we are convinced that all pre-requisites are in place to meet the needs of those European clients who have always appreciated stylish, versatile and charming yachts that also deliver outstanding marine performances.”

The new Bertram Europe division will make its debut with the sale of a 35-foot yacht ordered by Andy Bianchedi, an experienced and passionate sailor and owner who chose this model built in Carrara in a limited edition. The yacht will be delivered in the spring of 2023.

“I’ve always loved Bertram’s style,” says Bianchedi. “A skilful combination of class, style and performance has led the brand to embody a real state of mind for countless sea enthusiasts all over the world.”



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