Archipelago sold

Archipelago Expedition Yachts has sold the first unit of its Archipelago 40, a pocket-sized hybrid explorer cat designed to cruise remote destinations in comfort.

11 October 2023


British boatbuilder Archipelago Expedition Yachts has sold the first Archipelago 40, a hybrid explorer catamaran with expected completion in early 2025.

Archipelago Expedition Yachts describes the new Archipelago 40, which is a smaller version of the Archipelago 47, as a “true masterpiece of naval engineering and design” that sets a new standard for sub-50-foot explorer vessels.

The 12.2-metre Archipelago 40, designed by naval architects Chartwell Marine, has a versatile layout, offering customisable cabin layouts and adaptability for diverse commercial and semi-commercial purposes.

This explorer catamaran combines striking aluminium construction with impressive stability, resulting in a smoother voyage and increased living space.

With a range of over 2,000 nautical miles, the Archipelago 40 can reach some of the most remote destinations, which is exactly what its new owner intends to do.

Equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems, the Archipelago 40 allows those on board to stay connected and entertained, even in the most remote locations.


Powered by advanced marine hybrid diesel-electric and solar-powered propulsion systems, the Archipelago 40 can deliver an efficient cruising experience along coastal waters or long-distance journeys.

Archipelago Expedition Yachts says every Archipelago 40 can be tailored to the owner’s unique preferences and lifestyle. From interior finishes to exterior colours and layout options, the Archipelago team of experts will work closely with owners to realise their precise vision.

“We’re delighted to announce the sale of the first Archipelago 40 to a client who will be embarking on exciting adventures around the world — this is a pivotal moment for us,” says Dr Stephen Weatherley, founder and managing director of Archipelago Expedition Yachts.

“We have taken our iconic 47 and made it that little bit smaller – smaller engines, lower emissions and easier to berth but with all f the capability and force needed to get you home after a day, a week or a month on the sea.”

Designed for discerning yacht enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the shipyard says the Archipelago 40 combines cutting-edge technology, innovative features and bespoke craftsmanship to provide an “unparalleled yachting experience”.

Weatherley adds, “We want seakeeping, safety and practicality to be at the very heart of our vessels and the Archipelago 40 offers this all in a compact form. The vessel is hugely capable with a long-range, high top speed, excellent fuel economy, and the ability to sleep six people.”



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