A new beginning

The Italian Sea Group has kicked off its Newgen initiative, billed as a major step forward for bringing graduates into the group.

30 November 2023


Luxury boatbuilder The Italian Sea Group has launched Newgen, a project designed to bring recent graduates into the group’s workforce.

Newgen involves selecting 10 students for a comprehensive six-month trainee program in the group’s quality department. The students, who are mainly from the local area, are chosen based on academic and aptitude criteria.

During this internship period, the participants will come into contact with all departments of the company and, after an initial preparatory phase, will be able to follow ad hoc courses that will direct them toward specific roles to which they will be assigned at the end of the program.

The Newgen initiative will continue annually for at least the next five years.

“The Newgen project is an important preparatory opportunity for talented young people who wish to undertake a path of growth in an exciting and cutting-edge company like ours,” says CEO of The Italian Sea Group, Giovanni Costantino.


“Absolute attention to quality is one of our essential values – we have therefore decided to start this path of growth from the department that guarantees it, so young resources can feel an active part of our system right from the start and share our way of interpreting work.”

The Italian Sea Group says Newgen adds to the group’s training activities, including courses organised by TISG Academy.

These courses, for employees, students and suppliers, are held in collaboration with the faculties of engineering and naval design of prestigious Italian Universities, including Trieste, Naples and with Promostudi of the University of La Spezia.



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