A hidden world

Located in the north of Japan, the Tohoku region is a breathtaking, unspoiled holiday experience.

12 February 2021


Located on the snowy north-east of Japan’s Honshu island, the Tohoku Region is a scenic destination brimming with untouched beauty.

Considered one of the greenest places on the planet, Tohoku is renowned for its abundance of rolling forests, covering 70 percent of the region.

A natural wonderland, the Tohoku region hosts a collection of untouched marvels to explore, ranging from the Okama and Goshikinuma crater lakes, the sacred Dewa Sanzan and Yamadera mountains, the calming Jodogahama beach and the unspoiled Kinkasan island, located in the south-east of the region.

Being a volcanic region, Tohaku is abundant with an array of outdoor onsens. The Nyuto Onsenkyo and Matsukawa Onsen, for example, are two hot spring baths located within the rugged mountains of Towada-Hachimantai National Park, while the Koganesaki Furofushi Onsen and Minamisanriku Onsen, situated directly along the coastline, offer picturesque water views.

But for a more controlled, relaxed experience, the Tohoku region also offers the option of scenic train tours throughout the region.


Launched in 2017, the luxury sleeper train Shikishima, which translates to four-season island, offers a more relaxed, gracious experience of the region.

The Tohoku Emotion, a gastronomy train launched in 2013 that runs along the Sanriku Coast in northern Tohoku, offers clients both a tour of Tohaku with a dining experience prepared with local ingredients.

With the introduction of a Shinkansen bullet train connecting Tohoku, with the northern island of Hokkaido and the planned 359-kilometre Sanriku Expressway, what was once a historically isolated region has become more accessible than ever.



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