Zodiacs on show

The full range of Zodiac Inflatables will be on show at the 2023 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 25 to 28 May, with newly appointed exclusive dealer Sirocco Marine.

Photography by Zodiac Nautic

01 December 2022


Zodiac Inflatables are now available in Australia through the exclusive distributor, Sirocco Marine, who have expanded their showrooms and imported hundreds of the latest models in time for summer.

With the tagline of ‘125 years of air and water’, French brand, Zodiac is recognised as the pioneer of the inflatable boat.

In the 1880s, French company Zodiac Aerospace specialised in airships. By the 1930s, their engineering expertise was called on to develop an inflatable boat for the French Naval Air Force which sought innovative solutions for military transport, and the Zodiac rigid inflatable boat was born.

Launched in 1960 in Monaco by Princess Grace, the 19.5-metre Amphitrite was built for French diver and environmentalist, Jacques Cousteau. At the time, it was the world’s largest inflatable and is still Zodiac’s largest.

With eight outboards, the giant RIB could travel at 13 knots. Cousteau and his team used this boat as a support base for scuba and submersible missions.

In its wake, with the impetus of the series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, Zodiac focused on the leisure industry and its increased appetite for boating.


Over the 60 years since Cousteau propelled the brand to international icon status and into the lexicon as the brand synonymous with RIBs, Zodiac Nautic has invested in R&D and evolved its manufacturing processes, techniques and materials.

Today, Zodiac RIBS appeal to owners seeking a sturdy, reliable, stable RIB tender, or a stand-alone day boat for diving, fishing and safe family boating. Zodiac is represented by 1,600 dealers worldwide and has sold more than 1 million boats.

Sirocco Marine has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Zodiac boats in Australia and stocks a full range of tenders and bigger boats from 4 metres to the 9-metre model.

The Australian boating public will be able to view the range of Zodiac inflatable boats on display at the 2023 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 25 to 28 May 2023.

Sirocco Marine has booked its traditional space on Masthead Way adjacent to the theatre, and will present as many Zodiacs as they can fit in their exhibitor space, among them, the popular Medline 7.5, 6.8 and flagship Medline 9-metre, the Pro 6.5, 5.5, 4.8, and Open 4.8.

Neil Webster, Managing Director at Sirocco Marine is also hoping to host the World Debut of the new Zodiac Medline 5.8, the latest addition to the range in the form of a compact RIB that optimises deck space, ergonomic design and a competitive price.

“What matters the most for us, is to offer our customers a boat that’s easy to use with an elegant design for a reasonable price,” stated Fanny Revert, Head of Marketing at Zodiac Nautic, referring to the new Medline 5.8.

“It may sound basic but it’s a true challenge to combine all three. Since we started with the relaunch of the line in 2019, we have multiplied our sales sevenfold. We wanted to capitalise on this success and propose a size between 5 and 6 metres, which is the core market for us.”

From December, Sirocco Marine will have every model in the Zodiac range available for immediate delivery, complete with engines to suit every size.



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