Zero worries

Melbourne Water have this week taken delivery of two Renault ZOEs, the first electric vehicles in be introduced as part its transition to a zero emissions fleet.

06 March 2018


The Renault ZOE launched in Australia in late 2017 and is initially being marketed directly to customers within a business-to-business and business-to-government framework.

Andrew Moore, Managing Director Renault Australia, said: “ZOE’s arrival on our shores marked the beginning of a new era of practical, affordable, efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles for Renault in Australia. Electric vehicles provide a unique and comfortable driving experience with all torque available instantly making them an ideal choice for business use.

“From its introduction in Europe, the ZOE has delighted more than 85,000 owners and we’re excited to begin delivering ZOE to our Australian customers. Melbourne Water have today shown their commitment towards sustainable mobility which we are thrilled to be a part of.

“We are seeing strong interest across market leaders like Melbourne Water in various sectors who are keen to demonstrate their commitment towards sustainable mobility.”


Melbourne Water Managing Director, Michael Wandmaker, said the arrival of the cars was an important first step in the zero emissions fleet strategy, which will see the water authority completely phase out combustion engine vehicles within a decade.

“Our existing fleet of petrol and diesel vehicles travels around 11 million km per year and emits approximately 2752 tonnes of CO2, so we’re committed to reducing these emissions, eventually all the way to zero,” he said.

“From today, Melbourne Water will no longer purchase any additional combustion engine vehicles where a zero emissions electric vehicle alternative is available.”

“We expect to purchase another three zero emissions cars this year and ramp up our rollout quickly from there.”

“By 2023 all of our passenger vehicles will be zero emissions and by the end of 2027 all of our light commercial vehicles will be also.”

“We’re excited to take delivery of our first zero emissions cars, as it means we only have 362 to go!”


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