Earth embraces World Oceans Day

On Thursday 8 June, millions of people from across our blue planet celebrated World Oceans Day.

Photography by World Oceans Day

10 June 2017


With the theme this year, “Our Oceans, Our Future,” organisations and individuals in over 100 countries around the world focused on the prevention of plastic ocean pollution through events in their communities, special announcements and everything in between.

Many universities and schools have been involved with World Oceans Day for years. This year, the newly-formed World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, with 11 young people (ages 14 to 22) from 11 diverse countries, has been instrumental in helping to shape the development of World Oceans Day 2017.

These young ocean leaders have provided new and unique perspectives, ideas and recommendations for developing this global event.

They have focused on engaging youth across the globe and expanding opportunities for ocean conservation throughout the year.


“I love to celebrate World Oceans Day each year because it’s an opportunity for people around the world to think about how we can come together in support of healthy oceans,” said Jack Johnson, musician, surfer and environmental activist.

“I’m especially excited to see how young people are getting involved and taking action throughout the year to engage their local communities in reducing plastic ocean pollution and promoting solutions.”

The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, in partnership with United Nations Environment’s Clean Seas Campaign, has developed a simple way for the public to take action and express their concern about plastic trash in our ocean this World Oceans Day.

Through the website www.keepoceans.blue, people can make a commitment to reduce their use of disposable plastics and encourage others to do the same through sharing on social media using #CleanSeas and #WorldOceansDay.

“With nearly half of the world’s population under age 25, it is imperative to empower young people to step up as leaders at an early age, and engage them in a solutions-oriented approach to ocean conservation,” said Bill Mott, Executive Director of The Ocean Project, which has coordinated World Oceans Day internationally since 2002.

“We believe that youth are the key to success and, for this reason, we are making youth engagement our top priority for growing the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on June 8 and year-round.”

Launched in 2016, The Ocean Project facilitated the development of a collaborative youth engagement campaign called Sea Youth Rise Up, which unites young conservation leaders around World Oceans Day to improve the health of the ocean and empower youth globally.

“World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity to raise the profile of the ocean and rally the world. Together, with hundreds of organizations and millions of people, we are making a real difference for our world’s ocean by collectively raising awareness and promoting action in fun and positive ways,” Mott said.

About World Oceans Day
Coordinated and promoted internationally by The Ocean Project since 2002, World Oceans Day is an annual celebration on 8 June as well as a call for ocean conservation action throughout the year. The United Nations officially recognised World Oceans Day when its General Assembly passed a resolution in late 2008.

This unique celebration of our world ocean brings together organisations and key individuals from aquariums, museums, youth groups, schools and universities, businesses, and others, including divers, surfers, sailors, communities of faith, artists, the maritime, recreational and tourism industries, governments, and more.



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