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Global Marine Business Advisors has launched as a worldwide advisory service for the leisure marine industry.

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04 February 2020


For new businesses entering the market or for existing businesses looking to expand or broaden their horizons it is always difficult and to make good decisions businesses need good advice, quality data and strong business management and industry support.

There is a huge amount of in-depth knowledge and expertise within the industry and it is important that this is not lost, as the value of this to new and current marine industry businesses can be invaluable.

It is this knowledge and expertise that needs to be harnessed to support the industry and ensure that the global marine industry remains a significant player on the world stage.

Global Marine Business Advisors has done just that. A group of senior marine industry professionals, currently from 12 countries on all continents have come together to offer their knowledge and services separately or collectively to the world’s boating industry.


They have all held long term senior positions in business and are all well known within their sphere of influence. The group offers experience in business development, marketing, export promotion, internal and external relations with governments and agencies, marinas and marina management, OEM manufacturing, after-market sales, plus general management principles to help drive successful businesses.

Jouko Huju from Finland stated: “After 25 years of service in the marine industry I felt somehow obliged to share my experiences and knowledge from that time”.

“I took the idea up with Thom Dammrich (USA) and YP Loke (Singapore) and it all started developing fast. I am more than convinced that our group has a lot to give.”

With this acumen and background doors can be opened and opportunities identified that only years in the sector can initiate. All those involved in Global Marine Business Advisors have worked together at various times in their careers and each has access to a world-wide network of contacts and knowledge.

The advisors can work independently or in teams and the key advantage of a group like this is that they have a network with significant contacts and expertise at their fingertips.

Thom Dammrich (USA) said: ”Through my years at NMMA, I often received calls asking if I knew someone who could help a marine business with a question, challenge, or another”.

“This is why I have joined the Global Marine Business Advisors.

“I am proud to be associated with this group of professional advisors and their extensive networks that is unparalleled in its diversity of knowledge and geographical reach.”

Alongside their considerable knowledge, these world-wide advisors also bring a cultural dimension to their approach with an in-depth appraisal of the markets in which they live and work as many countries may speak a similar language but the social mores can be very different.

“There isn’t another group in recreational boating that is as knowledgeable and geographically diverse. It’s an honour and privilege to be associated with these respected and highly regarded industry colleagues whose world recognised longevity and connectivity in the marketplace is unmatched,” said YP Loke of Singapore.

MaryAnne Edwards from Australia stated: “I have always felt it can be a tough road for businesses entering and surviving in the marine industry nationally and globally whether in the recreational boating or superyacht sector”.

“For businesses to be able to have access to the level of professional knowledge and expertise this group can offer is a plus for the industry and it is exciting to be part of it.”

Whether starting a business in the leisure marine sector, deciding whether to export, or wishing to expand, some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the boating industry are now available to assist.

Global Marine Business Advisors currently has members in 12 countries across the globe including Australia, UAE, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the US.


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