Williams upgrade facilities

Williams Jet Tenders opens a new research and development facility, featuring an in-house moulding facility, a new test tank and a photo studio.

Photography by Williams Jet Tenders

02 June 2022


Williams Jet Tenders, a world-leading jet tender specialist, has invested more than £450,000 in a brand-new research and development space. This follows the company’s announcement in 2021 that it had invested more than £1 million in a new state-of-the-art in-house moulding facility and fully equipped boat production unit.

The new 450 square-metre research and development space was completed at the beginning of May. It houses a new test tank which is capable of water testing tenders of up to seven metres, which enables Williams to ensure complete quality control over its range.

It also features new lifting equipment alongside dedicated research and development metal and composite areas. Three individual research and development build bays will also enable Williams to run multiple projects concurrently.

Additionally, a photography studio has been created to capture the custom tenders which come through the Williams factory every week.


“This is a really exciting time for Williams. Our new research and development space is an excellent investment and will open up even more opportunities for the development of new market-leading products and innovations, ensuring we can maintain our position as a global leader,” said Dan Bloice-Smith, Development Director at Williams Jet Tenders.

“This is a fantastic development for the company and the facilities used by our hugely skilled workforce, which will not only enhance our products but our business growth too. We’re proud of what we are achieving as a company in the continued support of our customers.”

Williams Jet Tenders is a world-leading jet tender specialist, having designed and developed the world’s first four-stroke jet and turbojet range of tenders over 18 years ago.

Founded in 2004 by Mathew and John Hornsby, the company now employs over 140 staff and is supported by a team of factory-trained engineers across the world.

The company also has an 80,000 square-foot purpose-built facility in Oxfordshire. Each tender crafted by the company is hand-built by a team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen who pride themselves on quality.

Williams’ tenders also undergo an on-water test procedure prior to dispatch, ensuring that every aspect of its construction is checked and meets the high standard set by Williams.

Renowned for design excellence and practical attention to detail, Williams offers 14 models in five ranges: the Minijet 280, Turbojet 285 and 325, Sportjet 345, 395, 435, 460 and 520, Dieseljet 415, 445, 505, 565 and 625 and the Evojet 70.



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