Wild-west adventure

Add a wild Kimberley road trip to the bucket list.

Photography by Tourism Western Australia

14 December 2023


Looks like 2024 is shaping up to be the ultimate year for a wild Kimberley road trip, and it’s all thanks to the grand opening of the Fitzroy River Bridge in Western Australia – a whopping six months ahead of schedule! Talk about beating the clock.

This milestone comes almost a year after ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie decided to throw a massive flood party, causing chaos in the Kimberley region.

Picture this: back in January, the Fitzroy River turned into a speed demon, with one of the fastest torrents ever seen in an Aussie river. It was so intense; it could fill Sydney Harbour in just 2.5 hours!

This watery spectacle wreaked havoc on roads and infrastructure, leaving smaller communities stranded and ruining road trips for thousands of adventure-seekers.

The Fitzroy River Bridge in Fitzroy Crossing took a serious hit – parts of it got washed away in the flood chaos. But guess what?

The new and improved Fitzroy River Bridge is now up and running, making road trip dreams a reality for Aussies itching to hit the open road in 2024.


Now, the Kimberley isn’t just any road trip destination – it’s the real deal, the last true wilderness on Earth! It’s on every road tripper’s bucket list, especially those doing a lap of the map.

Brace yourself for the Gibb River Road, Australia’s most iconic 4WD adventure. This epic road trip loops you through Broome, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra, hitting up hotspots like El Questro Wilderness Park, Bungle Bungle Range, Bell Gorge and more jaw-dropping attractions.

And here’s the cherry on top – the newly restored access not only makes the Gibb River Road journey a breeze but also unlocks the wonders of the Coral Coast Highway and serves up coastal culinary adventures along the South West Edge. It’s a road-tripper’s paradise!

Just to spice things up, the Fitzroy River Bridge celebration follows hot on the heels of F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo launching Drive the Dream. The dude’s basically inviting everyone to explore Western Australia as the ultimate road trip destination.

With over 10,000 kilometres of mind-blowing coastline, Aboriginal cultural experiences that echo 60,000 years of tradition, and flavours crafted straight from the earth and sea, Western Australia is calling.

As the largest state in Australia, Western Australia boasts perpetual sunshine and offers an otherworldly canvas of textures and colours. It’s time to buckle up and dive into the ancient landscapes that make Western Australia a road-tripper’s dream.

In 2024, hit the road and conquer the Kimberley!



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