White hot

White Rabbit completes first sea trial, returning impressive figures.

Photography by True North Mark

29 October 2018


White Rabbit, built by Echo Yachts in Western Australia, is returning some pretty impressive figures from her first sea trials.

The Echo Yachts team were very pleased with the results of the trials, reporting that noise levels and vibration levels very low throughout the boat.

Mark Stothard from Echo Yachts details some results following the trial.

“The top speed we achieved was 18.7 knots out of 5,000 kW whilst running the house load,” said Stothard. “Even more impressive was the speed achieved whilst only running 2 x 1,000 kW C32 Gensets of 13.7 knots. At 75% of that we achieved 12.8 knots, which means for a relocation cruise the vessel could run the house load and cruise at 12.8 knots with just 2 of the gensets running.

“Fuel burn at that speed was an impressive 440 litres per hour! In this day and age where fuel costs are continually rising, I think the low fuel burn and efficiency of this vessel will be attractive to any super yacht buyer. The motions on board are also impressive and at 18.7 knots you barely know you are moving and the big ride control foils dampening the sea motions very effectively.”


The hull form, designed by One 2 Three, is very slippery and effective, and its lack of wake shows that the hull is very efficient.

Sam Sorgiovanni’s styling looks very elegant as White Rabbit glides through the water.

“There is no question that every aspect of this yacht is purely world class and a credit to all that have contributed to this amazing vessel,” commented Sorgiovanni.

“As with all great yachts, there is always an Owner that has a dream, a passion for the unique experience of yachting. In this case, the Owner is also a visionary constantly striving to challenge convention and achieve what has never been done before.”

At nearly 3000 gross tonnes, 84-metres in length and a 19.6-metre beam, White Rabbit is largest superyacht built in Australia, the largest aluminium and largest tri-hull superyacht in the world.

Delivery to her owners is expected by the end of 2018.


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