Welcome to water

The much-anticipated 58.5-metre (192-foot) motor yacht, PHI has emerged from the Royal Huisman’s new-build facility in Vollenhove, the Netherlands.

Photography by Tom van Oossanen

12 November 2021


Developed and constructed below 500 gt, PHI is by far the longest motor yacht in this category, based on current classification rules.

PHI is a magnificently sensuous motor yacht from the drawing board of Cor D Rover, who has based the general concept, exterior design and interior layout on many in-depth conversations with the owner over a period of years.

Relating inside and outside to the sectio divina or the Golden Ratio, phi is the formula that governs the continuation of dimensions and shapes in natural proportions throughout the design.

The PHI philosophy and deck levels are subsequently focused on three themes: the galaxy, the ocean surface and the underwater world.

PHI’s (still mostly secret!) interior design and styling are defined by the London-based studio Lawson Robb. Her naval architecture is by Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

Their specially developed Fast Displacement XL hull form allows this yacht to belong and sleek, yet still remain under the 500-gt mark.


Owner’s Representative Guy Booth commented, “All of us involved in the creation of PHI feel a sense of privilege to have had the opportunity to contribute to this innovative project”.

“The cooperation between the owner’s team, the architects, the designers and everyone at Royal Huisman has been exceptional. We can be justifiably proud of what we have achieved.”

Within the superyacht sector PHI’s fine – and therefore very fuel-efficient – hull lines, together with her very low profile, are considered to be a great challenge to engineer and build.

But with its immense experience and track record of innovation in delivering over thirty low-profile and award-winning custom sailing superyachts, Royal Huisman and is not remotely intimidated by such projects.

As Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman explains, “Just take a look at our two current motor yacht projects: project 403, PHI, and project 406, a unique 52-metre (171-foot) sportfish yacht that will become the largest of its kind in the world.”

“The individual aspirations and challenges of each of these projects were seen to be well outside the comfort zone by some yards.”

“With the benefit of expert advice, each of these owners brought their highly distinctive individual projects to Royal Huisman, where fresh opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation were enthusiastically welcomed.

“So, what gives us so much confidence in Royal Huisman’s capability to build exceptional motor yachts? Here are two good examples of the edge Royal Huisman has to offer.

“First, the expertise we have acquired from our unrivalled 55 years’ experience in aluminium construction. This enables us to maximise performance and efficiency through compact, lightweight and high-strength engineering.

“Second, our ability to design and install complex operational systems in restricted volume hull areas provides the owner with more net space for amenities and further increases efficiency.

“Add to that a can-do mentality, seeking to optimise and enhance the ideas of the owner, their architects and designers, rather than trying to persuade them to scale back their ambitions to what the shipyard is accustomed to delivering. We think that’s a pretty good combination!”

PHI is scheduled for delivery later this year and will be supported by a matching 36-metre (118-foot) shadow vessel (also designed by the same designers and constructed at Alia Yachts). Without doubt, both PHI and her fleet will leave a lasting impression.



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