Water wonder

On show at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 is the innovative Altivs APX water scooter.

14 September 2023


Altivs APX is the first of its kind, a light, fast water scooter, weighing less than half the weight of its competitors.

With a sleek look, excellent hydrodynamic performance, user-friendly ergonomic design and fantastic power output it’s a great all-rounder for all ages and interests, whether you’re gliding on the surface of the water, snorkelling through coral reefs, or diving deep through underwater caves.

Altivs is designed with an efficient propulsion system, which allows an industry-leading 370N thrust delivered for up to one hour of runtime, all packed together into only 18 kilograms of weight.

This is achieved through a stealth ducted impeller polarising the outflow of water, making sure the battery power goes directly into propulsion without wasting any energy on noise and recirculation.

For ease of navigation, there’s a high-res TFT display with a 5.5-inch diagonal, the largest in the market.


The screen will indicate runtime, speed level, battery charge percentage, as well as guide you with an e-compass, so you’ll never lose your way. The LCD is powered by Android® hardware that will perform full diagnostics of the unit, record the rides using a GPS chip and allow uploading all trips and unit data to your mobile device using the platform.

Very little energy is required to achieve maximum thrust, while the lithium battery power system is very environmentally friendly, offering exceptionally low running costs. A full charge takes only 1.75 hours with a fast charge adapter. Combined with the state-of-the-art power system, the 96 cells are capable of up to 100 minutes of distance range, giving you the confidence to travel farther without worrying about losing power.

These features make Altivs not only a scooter but a smart companion for your trip. Altivs stands for higher and deeper in Latin. The design and engineering team comprises experts from the US, Finland and China.

“Working with a vision of the underwater world and a desire to explore it, we are driven to challenge technical innovations, and focus on transforming complex technologies into easy-to-use products,” they state.

“With this uncompromising philosophy, we are always pursuing the most extreme experiences for our users. Based on Sublue’s in-depth research and production capabilities in the field of underwater boosters, we have launched the Altivs APX, a high-quality underwater scooter centred on customer needs.”



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