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Ferretti Group reveals new models and plans for innovative products and strategies at the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show in Florida, US.

24 February 2022


Ferretti Group chose the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show as the exclusive stage not only for the premieres of two magnificent yachts on the American market – Riva 68’ Diable and Ferretti Yachts 500 – but also to announce numerous product and strategies.

The American market has considerable strategic importance for Ferretti Group, accounting for 35 percent of total Group sales*, and is unrivalled in its tailor-made services for owners.

With a workforce of over 100 and a spare parts warehouse with a stable valuation of over US$ 1.5 million, Ferretti Group America headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and the recent Lauderdale Marine Center Service Yard (support and refit services) provide excellent service across the board with minimum waiting times.

The American public has always been highly appreciative of Ferretti Group products: from Custom Line, which has launched 16 yachts over the last two years, including five for American customers, to CRN, which has five megayachts under construction and three launches planned for the next five months, also sold to US clients.


One of the most important announcements at the Ferretti Group press conference in Miami is launching the new Pershing GTX Series. The brand is set to revolutionise the sports yacht concept and establish unprecedented standards of cruising pleasure.

The first eagerly awaited model will be the Pershing GTX116. The conference also provided an opportunity to reveal the name of the new Riva flagship: 130’ Bellissima, which is under construction at the La Spezia shipyard, where production of Riva models from 76 to 130 feet is based, and major refurbishment work has recently been completed to upgrade production capacity; and to present the new products announced by Wally: new arrival wallypower58 and the first exclusive images of the new wally101 full custom, the brand’s first sailing yacht under the ownership of Ferretti Group.

On the strategic front, the group proudly announced the signing of an important agreement with Aqua Marina Tech. This Israeli company develops innovative solutions for saving lives at sea based on cutting-edge technology.

On an exclusive basis, Ferretti Group will introduce the patented Watchit system, which uses innovative anti-collision technology to prevent accidents at sea, providing its fleet with unparalleled safety standards.

The numerous innovations announced in Miami further testify to the Group’s constant focus on innovation and confirm the effectiveness of a strategy driven by the ongoing diversification and renewal of the offering – the widest on the market at the global level, now totalling 46 models of which 28 launched in the last three years – to provide an ever-better response to the tastes and changing needs of its customers around the world.

Pershing GTX

The GTX Series, which joins the X Series, redefines the boundaries of the 24 to 40-metre market segment. The new series will be groundbreaking from every point of view, revolutionising the sports yacht concept and setting new standards of cruising pleasure, without affecting the advanced technology, unparalleled performance, and unique style of the Pershing world.

Four fundamental pillars:

    • design, which will continue the Pershing family feeling while creating a new style direction with a strong identity
    • comfort on board, with the maximisation of spaces and volumes and a new Pershing-style take on several key concepts such as the numerous areas in close contact with the water and the liveability of all interior and exterior spaces
    • technology at the service of absolute comfort
    • performance, because the GTX range will offer a cruising experience as yet unknown to the reference market.

Wally 101 Full Custom

The latest sailing yacht from Wally, a full custom design currently under construction, has passed the milestone of hull moulding. The sleek carbon hull of the new 101-foot cruiser-racer has been removed from the female mould in a process that ensures a virtually perfect external finish requiring minimal filler.

Built using cutting-edge prepreg carbon fibre technology in a sandwich composite, the wally101 weighs only 56 tonnes, about 20 percent less than yachts of a similar size, and promises the breathtaking performance imprinted in Wally DNA.



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