Undersea droning

Qysea Fifish E-GO is the next generation underwater robot.

02 May 2024


The new Qysea Fifish E-GO represents a significant leap forward in underwater explorations and operations. Its sleek all-new modular design allows quick and easy replacements of motors, cameras and lights.

“Drawing inspiration from the formidable hammerhead shark, FIFISH E-GO boasts a streamlined design that embraces fluid dynamics principles, ensuring seamless adaptation to the underwater environment and consistent power performance,” explains Qysea.

Features include a 4K UHD Camera 176° FOV Lens, AI Vision Station Lock, 100-metre depth rating, 10,000 Lumen Lights 160° Beam Angle, Hot Swappable Power System, Dual Q-IF Accessory Ports 3.0, 360° Omnidirectional Movement, enhanced power and improved resistance to underwater currents, a range of AI vision capabilities (subject locking, colour balancing, etc), with a built-in micro SD slot, and all-new modular design for quick and easy replacements.


Fluid DynamicDesign & Build

With its biomimetic shark tail fin design and streamlined fluid dynamics, the FIFISH E-GO effortlessly manoeuvres through underwater operations, smoothly navigating the oceans.

Advanced Power & Strength

With FIFISH E-GO’s new Ring-wing design, experience a 30 percent increased speed and 50 percent improved kinetic energy efficiency from previous generations. The E-GO’s anodized aluminium alloy blades deliver strong damage resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-crystallisation.

Complete Freedom of Movement

FIFISH E-GO achieves 360° omnidirectional movement and hovering capability, with zero blind spots. Powered by six-axis vector motors, FIFISH E-GO excels in all-dimensional underwater operations.

See Beyond Limits with Ultra-wide Vision

Equipped with a 176° ultra-wide-angle reconnaissance camera, FIFISH E-GO sets the standard as the only robot in its class boasting a 146° fisheye field of view. Experience the forefront of underwater imaging technology.

Empowered Operations with AI

FIFISH E-GO’s AI Vision Station Lock enables effortless one-click target lock of underwater objects. With automatic hovering and current resistance, it provides reliable stability and support for underwater operations.

AI Filtering Algorithms, Operate with Clarity

FIFISH’s AI plankton filtering algorithm automatically identifies underwater plankton and enhances image quality through a detailed filtering system, resulting in optimised clarity and visibility of footage.

Modular Structure & Design

Integrating four major modules – motor, imaging, lighting, and battery, FIFISH E-GO allows for swift spare parts replacement and maintenance, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Professional Add-ons, Customisable Combinations

The E-GO offers limitless flexibility by supporting a wide range of accessories, allowing operators to create a diverse array of operational setups. Leveraging its professional capabilities, it effortlessly adapts to different operational scenarios, ensuring optimal performance and versatility.

Quick Data Storage & Transfer

Maximise work efficiency with the E-GO’s built-in Micro SD card slot. Get fast access to underwater operational data, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval of essential information of up to 256GB.



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