Twin Disc anniversary animation

To celebrate 20 years of QuickShift® transmission, Twin Disc has created an animation highlighting its benefits.

13 April 2022


As Twin Disc celebrates the 20-year anniversary of the QuickShift transmission, a newly published animation highlights the benefits of the revolutionary propulsion system. It provides a 360-degree view of the transmission and the patented two-stage clutch technology.

“When Twin Disc launched its QuickShift transmissions in 2002, the technology was unprecedented, the first of its kind,” says Klaus Meyersieck, Product Manager at Marine Products and Controls.

“Twenty years later, it has withstood the test of time – proving its value and longevity and it continues to be an unmatched propulsion system.”

The QuickShift transmission is a fully integrated system that includes transmission, clutch, valves, actuators and electronic controls, resulting in fast, smooth clutch engagement, exceptional boat handling and precise speed control.

Twin Disc’s QuickShift transmissions are now hybrid-ready, featuring a power-take-in (PTI) for the electric motor, offering all the benefits of QuickShift technology and power generation while the vessel is underway, on diesel power and in neutral.


In full electric propulsion mode, a master clutch, integrated into the QuickShift transmission, isolates the diesel engine.

With patented two-stage clutch technology, oil quickly fills the small chamber, smoothly engaging the clutch. The second chamber is then filled, which creates maximum torque.

This reduces the shift response time dramatically, resulting in 15 times faster clutch response, ten times faster to full torque and extraordinary propulsion control.

Equipped with Twin Disc’s EC600PC advanced marine electronic propulsion control system, QuickShift has the ultimate control configuration. This provides fingertip, single-lever control of engine speed, prop speed and direction, with instant power response from idle to full.

With the controller prewired and mounted directly on the QuickShift transmission, the EC600PC is the simplest control system to install, eliminating the need for remote mounting and extra wiring. This also limits labour and saves engine space and cost.

The system also includes SmartChip™, which allows ease of installation and intelligence to optimise the propulsion system performance and serviceability, storing and maintaining service information and operating profile data.

Combining the smooth shifting of QuickShift marine transmissions with the intuitive interface of EC600PC and the seamless operation of Express Joystick and Express Positioning Systems, the optimal marine propulsion system for commercial vessels, pleasure craft and military boats is created. It’s also perfect for naval architects, boatbuilders and operators.

Whether buying new, repowering or refitting, Twin Disc’s engineering, application design, sales, service and technical experts are able to optimise the powertrain system.

Twin Disc has sales and service support through a global network of distributor and dealer locations.



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