Tropical diving

Earlier this month David Jamieson of Superyacht Private Expeditions Fiji (SPE Fiji) and Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS), and Rodolphe Holler of Superyacht Private Expeditions (SPE) met to discuss dive standards for their common yachting clients in Tahiti and Fiji.

Photography by Asia Pacific Superyachts

23 July 2017


The companies consistently aim at bringing the best dive services to regions through custom made itineraries and meeting client expectations, all the while carefully taking into consideration their dive experience. To ensure that no one misses out, both companies adapt the itineraries to meet the needs of the non-diving guests onboard.

For the past two years both companies have been successfully working together building common synergies and promoting the Asia Pacific at large. Subsequently, the dive potential among clients has increased and underwater interest has become a huge asset in an owner’s decision to bring their yacht to the South Pacific. In conjunction to drawing many potential charter clients’, interest is being sparked to discover untouched areas while feeling safe and enjoying excellent provisioning.

“Fiji is a must see destination in the South Pacific with a dedicated superyacht marina at Port Denarau with nearly all our superyachts coming through Panama into the Pacific and a good percentage continue west to Asia”, reports Jamieson.


“I believe that in the future we will see an increase in Superyachts traversing between our two regions of Asia and the Pacific. Asia Pacific Superyachts now bridges these regions with members in all the key destinations. Our team at APS Fiji looks forward to a positive increase in the number of Superyachts traversing our regions and providing services to owners and crew to ensure they receive the very best possible cruising experience.”

The island paradise of Fiji has long been a well-known destination for those in search of sun and sea in the South Pacific. Famous for its clear waters, soft coral reefs and pristine lagoons – the collection of over 300 islands creates the perfect destinations for exploring superyachts with fantastic dive options.

In the past superyacht owners were cruising these waters relatively alone with little infrastructure in place for superyachts and charters. However, with David and the APS team, along with the Port Denarau Marina (located on the largest of Fiji’s islands) Fiji is transforming from a cruising destination into a superyacht hub. Port Denarau is even striving at becoming a superyacht destination in its own right.




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