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Coral Expeditions unveils new Kimberley Cruise Guide.

07 February 2024


In a move as bold and spirited as the Australian outback itself, Coral Expeditions, the trailblazers of the Aussie cruise scene, have unveiled their latest magnum opus: the 2024–2025 Kimberley Cruise Guide.

This isn’t just any cruise guide, however. It’s a veritable treasure map to adventure, meticulously crafted to ignite the fire of exploration in the hearts of even the most armchair-bound of travellers. This guide delves into the very essence of what it means to sail along the wild and untamed Kimberley coastline, a region as rugged and full of surprises as a crocodile in a swimming pool.

It’s a detailed compendium, covering everything from the ins and outs of the fleet – vessels that are more Australian than a kangaroo on a surfboard – to the highlights of the voyage, complete with maps marking the X’s where adventure treasures lie.

Managing Director Mark Fifield, a man whose passion for the high seas and uncharted territories rivals Captain Cook’s, put it rather eloquently: “As the pioneers of expedition cruising in Australia, our Kimberley expedition is a well-established true Australian signature experience that is unrivalled by any other operator.


“We are delighted to present our 2024–2025 Kimberley guide, a testament to our continued commitment to provide unparalleled adventure experiences,” says Fifield.

“This is not just a guide; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of a lifetime, exploring what we think is amongst the most special destinations in the world for its natural and cultural significance with an Australian team that shares your passion for discovery.”

The Kimberley Cruise Guide isn’t just a collection of pretty pictures and persuasive prose. Oh no, it’s brimming with tales straight from the horse’s mouth – or, in this case, the expedition leaders and guest lecturers.

These are the intrepid souls who have navigated these waters, their diaries spilling over with tales of wonder and awe, the kind that could turn even the most cynical city slicker into a wide-eyed wanderer.

And if the words of these seasoned explorers aren’t enough to get your travel glands salivating, the guide also features reviews from past travellers. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill “had a great time, 10/10, would recommend” kind of testimonials.

These are vivid, heartfelt accounts that capture the sheer joy and exhilaration of being on an expedition, the kind of stories that transport you right onto the deck, a salty breeze in your hair and a sense of adventure in your heart.

For the uninitiated, this guide is more than just a resource; it’s a gateway into the world of expedition cruising, an insider’s look into the authentic experiences that await in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of trading your daily grind for a taste of the wild, Coral Expeditions’ Kimberley Cruise Guide is your siren call to the high seas of adventure.


Coral Expeditions

Recognised as Australia’s longest-established and most awarded expedition cruise operator, Coral Expeditions is Australia’s pioneering cruise line offering a unique style of immersive expedition adventures in small ships purpose-built to take guests closer to nature and cultures.

Starting with environmentally sensitive cruises on the Great Barrier Reef, 35 years later the fleet has grown to an all-new ocean-going fleet featuring the intimate blue-water vessel Coral Discoverer and the brand-new flagship vessels Coral Adventurer and sister ship Coral Geographer.

Headquartered in Cairns, Coral Expeditions offers expedition cruises to the outerknown regions of the Great Barrier Reef, the ancient Kimberley coastline, Tasmania’s wilderness coast, Cape York and Arnhem Land, New Zealand and further afield to the small Islands of Japan and the East Indies.



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