Transformative direction

Dynamiq has taken a strategic decision to broaden its services to not only superyacht new construction, but to complete yachting conversion projects under the TransFORM! program.

26 October 2023


The idea behind TransFORM! is simple and logical: there exists a large quantity of commercial vessels of different size and purpose that represent proven, strong technical platforms that can be easily transformed into luxury superyachts.

Based on the owner’s request, Dynamiq employs its shipbuilding experience and vast connections in the commercial shipping world to conduct research and carefully select proper donor vessels to revitalise into bespoke superyachts, while prioritising the owner’s needs and budget.

As a result, the owner gets a modern superyacht much faster and for a fraction of the cost of a new construction. For its first project, TransFORM! selected one of the most widespread Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) series, the 77-metre UT 755 with over 100 vessels on the market. Using it as a base, Dynamiq created a well-developed redesign offering.

This series was devised by Rolls Royce Marine to work in rough seas, and in addition to its seaworthiness has a vast deck that allows for lots of guest areas, as well as tenders and toys.


This concept outperforms all rivals with its seven luxury cabins, large gym, spa, spacious cinema room, helicopter hangar and many other exciting features. The design was developed in collaboration with the Monaco-based studio Dobroserdov Design.

TransFORM! will take the owner from A to Z, handling commercial vessel donor sourcing, project design and engineering, as well as the actual building in the financially attractive Antalya Free Zone in Turkey.

Dynamiq’s facilities enable them to deal with the conversion of ships from 40 to 80 metres in length and lift up to 2,000 tons with a syncrolift, while their in-house interior department is ready to realise owners’ dreams in the most efficient way.



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