Timeless quality

Fleming Yachts' uncompromising quality standards have seen the boat builders cultivate a loyal band of followers.

Written by Jack O'Rourke
Photography by Salty Dingo

30 April 2020


Owners have lauded Fleming as the ultimate cruising yacht, giving them the confidence to explore anywhere in the world. From Alaska to Mexico, or from the Galapagos Islands all the way to Australia, owners have taken their Flemings to all points on the globe.

Fleming Yachts’ greatest strength is the timeless quality of their builds. The styling of their models is traditional with a schooner bow, high bulwarks forward with planking grooves in the hull, a raised pilothouse and covered side decks leading back to the cockpit.

Sam Nicholas from Fleming Yachts Australia explains why Fleming’s goal is to build to an exceptional standard, regardless of cost …

To what do you attribute Fleming’s longevity and success?

Firstly, the design was right from the start. The exterior and interior design of the Fleming 55, for example, is basically the same today as it was in 1986 when the first one was built.


Secondly, the quality of build. The boats last. The first boats are now nearly 35 years old and are still going strong.

Thirdly, Flemings are boats that do not date. Owners are happy to have a boat that does not come with an improved look and changed design every year. Fourthly, Flemings keep their value well. I could go on …

What have been the biggest developments at the company over the last few years?

Systems and equipment are in constant development; real improvements take place whenever new and better products come on the market.

One large development is the introduction of sophisticated electronic monitoring and alarm systems, and the introduction of digital switching, but the main event in recent years has been the introduction of the Fleming 58.

After extensive research and input from existing Fleming owners, we identified the need for a boat to bridge the gap between the Fleming 55 and the 65. While retaining the Fleming classic lines, the 58 is an entirely new boat designed from the keel up.

The naval architects selected to assist the in-house Fleming design team were Norman Wright and Sons in Brisbane, Australia who, with their special expertise in hull design and tank testing, have been designing semi-displacement passagemakers for more than 100 years.

The latest 3D modelling and CAD software were both employed during the design process and a 1:12 scale model was built and tank tested at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania.

What do think is the Fleming range’s best advantage?

The Flemings are designed and built to be excellent cruising boats – and they are excellent cruising boats.

Sturdy, seaworthy and reliable, classic and sophisticated at the same time with a remarkably high standard specification. We can give owners a degree of customisation in the fit-out, which we know from experience owners appreciate.

What do you see as the key communication messages to your clients in driving new business?

You know what you get when you contemplate buying a Fleming. Existing owners will only be too happy to communicate their experiences, and Fleming will give you quality and excellent service.

What is the single most important factor to you in maintaining a positive outlook at this time?

We are secure in the belief that this crisis will one day be over and choose to believe that it will be soon.

What can we expect in the next year from Fleming?

Who knows? Watch this space. We might still surprise you …


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