The revolution

Innovation redefines yacht design with Princess’s R35.

21 June 2018


The R35 is the first Princess R Class performance sports yacht. Designed and hand-built in Plymouth, England, it combines revolutionary performance capabilities, quality design and race-bred technology to deliver a unique on-water experience at all speeds.

Designed in partnership with Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies (BAR Technologies) and Pininfarina, the R35 is a powerful expression of intent from a company hitting a rich vein of form. (No surprise then that Princess Yachts is experiencing record financial results and order books as the R35 is brought to market.)

The R35 features groundbreaking Princess Active Foil System (AFS) developed with BAR Technologies that optimises stability and manoeuvrability in all sea conditions, allowing for a much lower drag hull form to redefine ride comfort and high-speed cornering ability.

The new, lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque hull structure is designed in collaboration with legendary Italian styling house Pininfarina.


Its direct-injection V8 petrol engines with variable valve timing and fully CNC-machined intake and exhaust ports provide exceptional levels of torque and responsiveness to safely power the R35 to an exhilarating 50 knots.

The R35 is a rare mix of extreme elegance and technology.

Often design is a triumph of beauty over function (or function over beauty), however, Princess has been able to develop a technologically game-changing yacht that is also stunningly beautiful.

“It is in every way a new experience, yet also instantly recognisable as a Princess,” said Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman of Princess Yachts.

Princess found further inspiration working with iconic styling house Pininfarina, who are responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful motor cars.

As a result, the R35 looks sculpted, elegant, dramatic, and as breathtaking at speed as it does at a standstill. A testament to the designers who created it.

The Princess Design Studio offers three interior schemes that complement the five metallic paint finishes.

A sliding hatch provides access down into a stylish cabin filled with natural light, designed to give the best owner experience possible. Elegant windows and a skylight also enhance the feeling of space.

Having delivered record financial results in 2017 with their highest-ever annual sales performance, a return to profitability, and over $1b of advanced orders, the R35 rides the waves of recent successes and will be the first of six new launches in the second half of the year that are set to help Princess deliver even stronger financial results for 2018.




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