The Magellano Collection

Azimut Yachts has announced the arrival of the Magellano 30 Metri, the brand's newest flagship.

08 July 2020


Say the name Magellano and you immediately think of long, exhilarating voyages, the thrill of discovering new far-flung destinations and the insatiable desire to explore and constantly push the boundaries.

It’s no coincidence therefore that Azimut Yachts named their long-range collection after the great Portuguese explorer. From the moment it debuted in 2009, the collection became synonymous with stress-free cruising and extended trips in total safety and peace of mind. 

Every model in the Magellano family is a navetta, a contemporary take on the traditional trawler. True to its roots, the Magellano is characterised by voluminous lines and a no-nonsense almost naval appearance that shuns changing fashions and trends, yet remains timeless and never looks outdated. 

And while the launch of the new Magellano 25 Metri, designed by the great Ken Freivokh with interiors by the renowned creative talent Vincenzo De Cotiis is just weeks away, there is yet another Magellano on the horizon. The flagship of flagships, the Magellano 30 Metri, is currently taking shape.


Freivokh is again the design brain behind the super elegant navetta, which features the trademark classic lines of its sisters that are revisited in a more sophisticated, contemporary key.

Freivokh’s unique, distinctive style – long associated with many of the world’s most exclusive motor yachts and glorious megasailers – is already a guarantee of success.

On the technical front, the lynchpin will again be the Dual Mode hull, with its outstanding efficiency whether in displacement mode or at higher speeds.

Nobody knows if Ferdinando Magellano would be proud of Azimut Yachts’ work, but for sure the brand shares with him a passion to always go further, overcoming whatever challenges it may encounter as it explores ever-expanding horizons.



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