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A partnership between Southern Spars and Magma Structures hopes to deliver a new generation of superyacht rigs.

08 February 2021


The DynaRig, a freestanding rigging concept born out of a partnership between Southern Spars and Magma Structures at the end of 2020, has the ability to change modern sailing.

An accomplishment made possible due to its simplicity of use, allowing all sailing systems to be managed in one control panel.

The new concept also offers a highly effective propulsion solution, allowing a vessel to deploy and recover its sails within a few minutes, meaning any yacht can be sailed the moment it leaves anchorage to the moment it arrives at its destination, helping minimise fuel use.

The DynaRig also features an integrated load monitoring system that continuously records the loads in the rig, providing invaluable information and helping optimise the sailing experience.

To date, this freestanding rig concept has been installed on two superyachts,  the Maltese Falcon and Black Pearl, and has already highlighted its potential through its ease of deployment, efficient sailing performance and low cost.


“You can really enjoy the pleasure of sailing like on an old sailing ship; sailing across the ocean at reasonable speeds,” says Magma Structures’ Technical Director, Damon Roberts.

“The team at Southern Spars will give us the capability  to leapfrog the rig to the next generation, which will be even better.”

Magma Structures operates from a waterside manufacturing facility at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth, England, with a team that includes highly qualified designers, composite engineers, systems engineers, manufacturers and project managers.

Magma Structures has extensive experience in manufacturing carbon composites for high-performance sectors including marine, transport, oil and gas, and defence.



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