Switching it up

Sealegs has announced the launch of a new 7.5-metre Semi-Cab amphibious RIB, which will debut at the Auckland Boat Show.

06 August 2020


Building on the Sealegs 7.5-metre amphibious RIB range, the New Zealand boatbuilder’s new Semi-Cab model protects passengers from wind and weather, increasing their comfort and protection.

A feature on the Semi-Cab is the new electric windscreen that can be extended or retracted to suit weather conditions. In difficult conditions, the windscreen extends upwards 350 millimetres to provide maximum protection for the operator and passengers and in good conditions, the windscreen can be lowered.

The electric windscreen was designed to look pillarless to maintain visibility while in use and the ocean’s panoramic views when in an anchored position.

The new Semi-Cab model transforms the existing 7.5-metre centre console to a full-width, super wide, wrap-around console with extendable windscreen and offset steering. With the flick of an electric switch, the windscreen extends upward.

This increases the personal envelope of comfort and provides protection from the elements regardless of being underway or anchored into the wind. The Semi-Cab retains the sleek styling and superior on-water performance that all Sealegs 7.5-metre RIBs enjoy.


The new craft will be displayed at the Auckland Boat Show in October and is expected to be available internationally in 2021. The new model has been inspired by feedback from customers who wanted a Sealegs amphibious RIB that can keep the family warm and dry in adverse conditions but can also enjoy finer weather to its fullest.

Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright said, “Around the world, Sealegs owners seek to maximise their time on the water without compromise.

“The full-width windscreen provides panoramic views in either its extended or retracted positions, and allows enjoyable boating regardless of weather.”

McKee went on to say, “It is a model I am personally excited to share with my family and friends for the year-round boating we enjoy in the Hauraki Gulf.”

Sealegs has sold more than 1,500 amphibious craft in over fifty countries worldwide.



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