Sustainable sailing

A new concept in yachting, the MODX 70 is an offshore-capable catamaran that relies on renewable energy.

Photography by VPLP Design

08 September 2022


At this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, the shipyard, Océan Développement introduced the MODX 70, a new pleasure catamaran that uses 100-percent renewable energy and is packed with innovation and technologies.

This new 70-foot catamaran is the first vessel to feature two automated propulsion systems: two inflatable wings on retractable masts and an electric motor system with variable pitch propellors for hydrogeneration.

The MODX 70 is the result of ten years of experience in developing sustainable, accessible and performing yachts.

Designed and manufactured with aesthetics, performance, durability and battery life in mind, the MODX 70 draws on proven racing boatbuilding and sailing performance technologies in the form of an offshore pleasure boat.

The 21.33-metre multihull will accommodate eight to ten passengers, plus up to three crew.


The MODX project is led by the French shipyard Océan Développement (Lorient 56) in partnership with VPLP Design and close collaborations with highly specialised technology partners in the fields of bio-composites, energy mix (wings (Aeroforce), hydrogeneration and solar panels) and electric propulsion engines.

Designed by VPLP Design with interiors by Océan Développement/Pierre Frutschi Design, the MODX 70 aims to be a new generation of boat offering a hybrid wing-electric motor, noiseless, reconciling the pleasure of assisted yachting and the living comfort of a motor yacht.

The lightweight composite construction is the result of in-depth work with the VPLP firm and an elaborate and pragmatic construction process (40 percent bio-sourced, 15 percent carbon, among other materials).

The MODX 70 is above all an offshore boat able to face difficult conditions while maintaining immense sailing pleasure.

Océan Développement is a French shipyard specialising in ocean racing and innovative projects related to yachting. The company has been operating since 2008 from its base in Lorient (56). The shipyard has designed and produce the MOD70 trimaran series as well as managed the integration of H2 and Kite energies on board the solar-powered ship Race for Water.



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