Sustainable lead

Sunseeker International has appointed Sean Dempsey as permanent Sustainability and Environmental Manager as part of its wider commitment to long-term sustainable development.

06 April 2023


Sean Dempsey joins Sunseeker with over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, working on sustainability projects within the BMW Group.

Sean has been at the forefront of green innovation in the automotive space for two decades, and for the last six months has lead the company’s sustainable growth by developing strategies that aim to reduce its environmental impact across the entire value chain.

Andrea Frabetti, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This key appointment has enabled Sunseeker to progress the company’s sustainable growth in a complex landscape.

“The focus of our new Environmental and Sustainability Manager is to optimise our production facilities and work in collaboration with our design, engineering, and operations teams to develop strategies that will see Sunseeker advance its sustainability journey.”

Sean Dempsey, Environmental and Sustainability Manager, added, “I am thrilled to have taken the position as Environmental and Sustainability Manager at Sunseeker International.


“Together with a dedicated Sustainable Business Committee, we are proactively working on multiple projects across the business and look forward to building on the fantastic initiatives already in place.”

Sunseeker has been certified to the ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System for over 10 years and during this time has implemented a number of exciting environmental initiatives.

These include biomass boilers at two production facilities in Poole and Portland which utilise wood offcuts to provide a source of renewable heat, resulting in savings of approximately 1,200 tonnes of carbon each year. The 20-year agreement seeks to reduce Sunseeker’s reliance on fossil fuels at production sites, in addition to emission reduction throughout the wider supply chain.

Sunseeker invests in research to further value-driven manufacturing in the marine industry.

Through academic and industrial collaboration, Sunseeker can further its goals of reducing material waste and improving efficiencies. The in-house Design Studio uses 3D printing technology to form parts, thereby reducing the waste associated with mould manufacturing, in addition to the recent introduction of Virtual Reality which has reduced the need to produce timber mock-ups.




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