Surf stay

Mamaka by Ovolo makes waves with a Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy partnership.

Photography by Mamaka Ovolo and Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy

16 June 2022


Bali’s first urban resort, Mamaka by Ovolo has announced a partnership with Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy to provide surfing lessons from the resort.

Quiksilver Bali Surf Academy is locally and family-owned by Made Switra and his Australian wife, Holly Monkman. Made is one of Bali’s surfing pioneers and has travelled the world as a sponsored Quiksilver team rider. He made history as the first Balinese surfer to travel to surf Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline.

Mamaka by Ovolo is Bali’s newest beachfront urban resort, offering stylish accommodation for travellers, foodies and social-surfers alike. With 191 rooms, Mamaka offers a refreshing take on design with a range of dynamic culinary options and buzzing bars, all positioned within easy reach of Bali’s most iconic attractions.

Mamaka by Ovolo also features a dedicated Wellness Zone with a fitness centre offering TRX gym equipment, boxing equipment and a balancing surfboard activity.

For those travelling to Bali for some surfing action, when you’ve worked up an appetite, Mamaka serves exquisite Pan-Asian street-style food at Street 32 Cocktail Bar.


Surfing was first introduced in Indonesia by American couple Bob and Louis Koke. Around the mid 1930s, they embarked on a trip to Bali and decided to settle on the exotic island.

Bob, an avid surfer who first experienced surf culture during his time in Hawaii, became the first person to surf the waves of Kuta Beach. He taught numerous locals to surf as well, which sparked the beginning of the island’s long and unique surf history.

Back then, surfboards were commonly crafted out of hollowed-out teak wood, which was heavy and difficult to manoeuvre.

In the late 1930s, Made Switra’s grandfather, who had a penchant for shaping wooden boards, discovered Bob Koke’s abandoned surfboard and decided to bring it home.

It was then that he created the first-ever handmade surfboard in Bali. This legendary surfboard is now showcased in all its glory in Mamaka’s lobby.



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