Superyachting redefined

Domus, named after its inspiration of a Roman villa, is a luxurious trimaran that claims to be the world’s first zero-emission superyacht.

Photography by Rob Doyle Design

13 July 2022


The space-age looking multihull, named Domus, is the product of a collaboration between Van Geest Design and Rob Doyle Design. Rob Doyle Design focused on naval architecture, performance and structural feasibilities, while Van Geest Design developed the styling and layouts.

The vessel takes power through an optimised combination of solar power, hydro regeneration and hydrogen fuel cell systems, offering carbon-free cruising.

Solar power keeps it going throughout the day, while at night, its switches to an advanced battery system. Its structure is deceptively simple, with all the systems placed in the central hull, but the overall hull design was carefully optimised to reduce drag and therefore increase performance.

“Therefore, we truly believe that this project will redefine what a multi-hull sailing superyacht can be,” they said of their new design.

With a volume of over 750 gt and at 131 feet (40 metres), the sailing trimaran boasts almost the same volume as a 196-foot (60-metre) motor yacht.


Domus spans two decks. Louvre styled openings above the courtyards and large windows are spread out on the top deck and main guest areas are all on one deck.

The yacht can accommodate 12 guests between six staterooms, including two owner’s suites with a private lounge and four VIP cabins. It also features a cinema room and a spa area with pool and gym.

While sailing, the windward hull will come out of the water, reducing drag and resulting in more speed.



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