Super toy makes waves

Making its debut at Salon Nautique in Barcelona in 2016, the ultimate superyacht toy, the Seabreacher S is already thrilling guests above and below the water.

Photography by Charterdart

20 June 2017


The Seabreacher S is a collaboration between charter specialist Charterdart and the Seabreacher inventor, Innespace Productions. The Seabreacher S is a special superyacht edition of the shark-shaped semi-submersible watercraft and is available exclusively through Charterdart.

Based on the success of Seabreacher models X, Y and Z, the five-metre, two-seater Seabreacher S boasts the striking profile of a killer whale, shark or dolphin, and each one can be fully-customised to feature a charter yacht’s branding, making it the ultimate way to entertain thrill-seeking charter guests as well as an excellent branding and promotional tool.

Like the other models, Seabreacher S offers guests the chance to dive, jump, roll and flip. With a top speed of 60km per hour, this model comes with an upgraded 300hp supercharged engine, advanced navigation system, and a unique bubble top offering users panoramic views as they propel themselves through and out of the water.


Each Seabreacher S is handcrafted to order and is AIS tracking-enabled, comes with a high-end stereo system, and various other safety upgrades.

“Today, those who charter yachts are looking for truly exciting and memorable experiences,” said Brian Hardman, founder of Charterdart. “Unique yacht toys can ensure that guests leave with lasting memories of unforgettable experiences. We are pleased to be able to bring the Seabreacher S, a toy unlike any other on the market, to our portfolio of ever-evolving toys.”

California’s Innespace Productions developed the initial Seabreacher concept over the course of 10 years. Charterdart consulted crew throughout the development of the S model, making sure that it meets the quality standards of the luxury charter market and is easy to stow and operate.



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