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Nordhavn reveals their latest 45 metre explorer yacht concept, featuring design from Vripack.

05 December 2019


The Nordhavn 148, the first ever metal superyacht built by the yard will sport a steel hull, aluminium superstructure and round bilge. It will become their new flagship, and will be the largest Nordhavn built to date.

This concept design features homely Scandinavian chic interior hailing from the drawing boards of Vripack, which pairs seamlessly with Nordhavn’s bold explorer vessels.

In addition, the exterior of the Nordhavn 148 also features flourishes from Vripack’s in-house naval architecture, drawing on their expertise of designing explorer vessels that take on Northwest Passages.

“Nordhavn were keen to tap into our explorer heritage,” says Marnix Hoekstra, co-creative director at Vripack. “Nordhavn boats are renowned for venturing to remote off-the-beaten-track destinations, and so the aim was to demonstrate to owners that this significant latest model has been conceived by a design studio that has a proven track record in this arena.”

As a no-nonsense go-anywhere explorer boat, the Nordhavn 148 possesses the strong Nordhavn DNA and feel, but with Dutch styling.


“It is modernised and vastly different to anything they have ever done before, but wholly recognisable as a Nordhavn,” explains Hoekstra. “As a designer, we really were able to be on the cutting edge in terms of how far we could stretch the Nordhavn brand without losing its heritage. It’s a Nordhavn explorer – designed by Vripack – but it remains a Nordhavn nonetheless. Our aim was simply to reimagine it.”

Key to the design are Vripack’s reinterpretation of particular features, including a flared, rounded bow, the yard’s interesting combination of square and round windows, and an industrial chic aesthetic.

“We reinterpreted certain recognisable elements through fresh eyes but were careful to remain true to the form,” says Hoekstra.

“I believe that with a larger yacht, we can put more emphasis on certain design expressions.”

In addition, the yacht will benefit from an ‘ice belt’ – a.k.a. an ice-strengthened hull – a stiffer hull than the minimum requirement by classification and a generous-sized engine room. In terms of interior layout, she is spacious, grand and has enough tender storage to accommodate two 8-metre tenders.

“We have made sure that as a globetrotting yacht, she goes above and beyond what is required,” says Hoekstra. “This was a specific request from Nordhavn in order to remain competitive and in-line with market trends, and we happily obliged.”



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