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Victoria’s Silo Art Trail has confirmed the opening of a new luxurious pop-up hotel next month.

27 May 2021


Luxury accommodation will soon be available on Victoria’s Silo Art Trail as Visit Victoria launches Silo Art Hotel – a street art-themed pop-up hotel located in Northwest Victoria’s Sea Lake.

The limited-time activation will see three beautifully reimagined shipping containers by Contained pop up on the edge of Lake Tyrell, Victoria’s most photographed pink lake, for one month between 11 June to 12 July.

Two of the eco-pods will serve as boutique hotel rooms with these contemporary designed-spaces appointed with high-end finishes, luxury bathroom, region-inspired minibar, soft bed linens and a private deck.

The third converted container will house a heated open-air swimming pool.

To complement the creative flair of the region, Visit Victoria has partnered with Melbourne-based design studio Juddy Roller to commission never before seen paintings from renowned street artists and install them across the units.

Guests will be able to stay in either The Matt Adnate Suite or The Drapl & Zookeeper Suite and will be offered a first glimpse of the bespoke artworks adoring the walls.


Matt Adnate is well-respected for his multicultural portraiture, especially of Indigenous Australians, and is responsible for the artwork on the Sheep Hills silos, painted in 2016. His depiction of the night sky represents elements of local Dreaming and the importance of the ongoing exchange of wisdom from Aboriginal Elders to the next generation.

Drapl & The Zookeeper joined forces to paint the local Sea Lake silos in 2019, celebrating the still and silence found in outback Victoria as well as honouring the Boorong people. The young girl, swinging from a Mallee Eucalyptus, looks over Lake Tyrrell and reflects on her Indigenous heritage. The sidewall of the swimming pool by Shipping Container Pools, will play host to a colourful mural from former lawyer, Kaff-eine, whose photorealistic portraiture additionally adorns the Rosebery silos; portraying themes embody the region’s past, present and future.

One of Victoria’s most underrated regional attractions, the Silo Art Trail, is Australia’s largest outdoor gallery and stretches over 200 kilometres from Rupanyup to Patchewollock. Conceived in 2016, the Silo Art Trail includes artworks by celebrated artists including Rone, Adnate, Kaff-eine, Guido van Helten, Drapl & The Zookeeper.

Lake Tyrell is Victoria’s largest salt lake and a must-visit site. The 120,000-year-old lake is considered a culturally historic site and one of the best places in Australia for star navigation and is culturally significant.

The Boorong clan who once lived on this land were famous astronomers. Their stories are rich in connection to the lake – visitors are encouraged to look out for their constellations in remembrance while enjoying the starry night skies they once gazed upon.

When in Sea Lake, suggested activities include taking a sunset Sea Lake Tyrell Tour with experienced guide Julie Pringle, who will showcase the best places to capture spectacular Lake Tyrell photographs, followed by a comforting meal at the Royal Hotel.

The road trip to Sea Lake takes just under four hours from Melbourne, and the recommended route includes a stop-off in Bendigo, a city with strong street art credentials of its own. Take a tour with local artist Nacho Station, which includes putting up your very own artwork, paying a visit to Bendigo Art Gallery, or indulging the tastebuds with lunch at the new restaurant, Alium Dining.

Prices for accomodation between Sunday and Thursday begin at AU$275 a night while Friday and Saturday begin at AU$375 a night.




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